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Friday, January 30, 2009

Willow Springs

Good place to go on a Friday.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lexus GS300 - VIP Style

Junction Produce Bililet Grill
Junction Produce Side Skirts
Junction Produce Door Inserts
Junction Produce Rear Bumper
Junction Produce Roof Wing
Junction Produce 3 Piece Trunk Spoiler
Junction Produce Trunk Emblem
Chrome Trunk Bar
Shaved Rear Lexus Emblems
Mercedes Benz Black Paint

Junction Produce Type II Exhaust *RARE*
Air Runner Air Suspension System

Junction Produce Scara 19x9.5j and 19x10.5j
Falken FK452 Tires

ACC Air Gauges
ACC 4 Switch Panel
Junction Produce Fusa
Junction Produce Gintsuna
Junction Produce Missions Neck Pads x 4
Junction Produce Missions Tissue Box Cover
D.A.D. Garson VIP Premium Curtain's w/Crystals
D.A.D. Garson Air Freshener
Xenon-Vision 15k HID Low Beam & Fog

Roberts Lexus GS300

R33 GT-R Wagon

This one only a mother could love. Its interesting. Like a accident on the 405 freeway , you are going to look at it. 2530 car . Made into a wagon. Not quiet as functional as say a Stagea wagon.

The fully funtional wagon section.... NOT...

Source : Trial Used Car

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Last Issue of Sport Compact Car

I noticed Joey was gone as editor. The editors listed were Jay Chen and Andy Hope. Its a shame. Last issue. I really liked Sport Compact Car, I had a lot of fun with the magazine. USCC , GT-R testing. Cover shoots.

Like I said, its a shame.

1990 Nissan Motorsports Promotional Video. R32 GT-R Australia

Gibson Motorsport R32 GT-R's.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hannah Montana flavored cereal

IDRC Fontana Video - GT-R Challenge 2008

A section from the DVD that comes with the March 2009 Issue of D-Sport Magazine. Check it out, buy the magazine. This is just one of 17 chapters covering recent events. IDRC - GT-R Challenge

Source : D-Sport Magazine

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kaizo Time Attack S15 For Sale

Kaizo S15 for Sale. Cover car for Super Street Magazine. $45,000 Contact Broker Pros

Parts list after the jump
C-West GT-Type Widebody
C-West Front Carbon Canards
C-West Carbon GT-Wing
Custom Wing Scaffolding by Design Craft Fabrications (Removable)
C-West Vented Hood
Craft Square TC-F Carbon Side Mirrors
Moonface rear wiper delete
Endless Race Graphics Scheme
Zeal Function-X (highly modified to circuit spec)
Endless 6-pot Mini Front Brake System
Z32 Rear calipers / Inner drum
Endless Straight-6 rotors
Endless ME11 Brake Pads
Endless RF-650 Brake Fluid
Moonface Tension Rods
Peak Rear Camber Arms
Peak Rear Toe Arms
ARC Titanium Strut Tower Bar
AME TM-02 Wheels 18×9.5 Front, 18×10 Rear
AME Circlar Spec-R Wheels 17×9 Front, 18×10 Rear
Advan A048 or AD07 tires
HKS Step 3 Intake / Exhaust Cams
HKS Inner and Outer Valve Springs
HKS Retainers
HKS Rocker Arms
HKS Solid Lifters
HKS Valve Seals
HKS Injectors
HKS Twin Power DLI II
HKS Intercooler
HKS Oil Cooler
HKS Intake Filter
NGK spark plugs
Tomei Fuel Pump
Moonface Engine Damper
Moonface Racing Cat (aka straight pipe)
Moonface Racing Oil Block
Kakimoto Exhaust
Eneos Engine Oil
ARC Titanium Cooling Plate
Koyo Radiator (You should replace this with something better)
Nismo Radiator Cap
Nismo Theromostat
Nismo Engine Mounts
Nismo 6-spd Transmission
Nismo Transmission Mounts
Endless Transmission Oil
ARMS Transmission Oil Catch Tank
OS Giken STR2CD Twin Plate Clutch
OS Giken Super Lock LSD

HKS F-Con V Pro
Defi BF Gauges (Water Temp, Exhaust Temp, Oil Pressure, Boost)
Relocated Odyssey PC680 Battery
Kill Switch
Bellof Evolution Type HID Sytem
Bellof Stinger System (As used in Super GT)
Bride Zeta 3 Driver Seat
Bride Stradia Carbon-Kevlar Passenger Seat
Willans 5-point Harnesses
Works Bell Rapfix GTC Hub
Personal Steering Wheel
Moonface Shift Knob
A-Spec Spinturn Knob
Custom 6-point Roll Cage
The car is legal for NASA and Redline events, and as a result I imagine also legal for Speed Trial events. The rear interior is taken out but the front interior remains.
It's been featured on the cover of Super Street Magazine (Oct '08 issue) and been in commercials for Need for Speed.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pandas Expressing Themselves

Monday, January 19, 2009

Nissan Still Working on SUV and Four Door GT-R Variations

Inside Line reports that Nissan is still working on a few variants of the Nissan GT-R.

The article says we could see a Cayenne fighting SUV around 2011. Also a Infiniti four door model coming as early as 2011.

Inside Line also mentions that the planned small rear wheel drive car is dead. No S16 in the foreseeable future. No Hyundai Genesis coupe rival.

V-8 Powered four door GT-R anyone ? Q45 replacement ? The GT500 cars already run a V8. The GT-R as a four door and an SUV would be heavy. An SUV would be an odd one, as they just released the FX50.

Source : Inside Line

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fast and Furious 4 Trailer - Dos

You can see my hand this time.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

0-320 km/hr in an R34 GT-R

1. Its a converted LHD R34 and was shot in a Philippine highway called the NLEX, their version of the Wangan in Japan and the Autobahn in Germany.
2. This was a 0 to 320kph run. If you will watch the whole video, it was actually 0 to 300kph, then he went down to 160kph, then back to 300kph. This was done on a Philippine road and not on a dyno.
3. The car uses a Holinger sequential transmission. 6-speed.
I drove this car before, when it was here in the US with a stock engine. Interesting ride for sure.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

National Sport Compact Racing Association

NSCRA 2009 Schedule

John Brown, Co-founder of the National Sport Compact Racing Association (NSCRA) has been a pioneer of Sport Compact racing for over 20 years. Whether as a racer, car builder, manufacturer, or event promoter, He has always been passionate about the Sport Compact community. After the last 20 years of growth in the Sports Compact community, we find our sport at a major cross road of possible decline. John along with the entire NSCRA's staff feels it necessary to take a leadership role by building the NSCRA as a grassroots level series in hopes of continuing the growth of this awesome Sport Compact community. John will do his part by directing the South East Region of the NSCRA. This series will offer a venue for all level of racers and spectators to enjoy as we give a rebirth to what was once considered the fastest growing form of motorsports in the world. John encourages other leaders in the Sport Compact community to take Regional Director Positions with the NSCRA in order to develop a NSCRA series within the six regions. The concept is for the Sport Compact community to unite through the NSCRA while running separate point series in each of the six regions for NSCRA Regional Class Championships. Then offering an invitation to all regional teams to compete at a once a year NSCRA National Championship Event. The NSCRA feels this proven concept will help reduce cost for racers (Fuel, Hotel, Tolls, Gas, Etc.) while building local Sport Compact communities through (Shop and Individual rivalries, regular Sport Compact event schedules, and building Local Hero’s, Etc.)

Drag Racing, back to its roots. Source : NSCRA

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lakers win

104 to 102 6 seconds left

Go Lakers!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

M I c K e Y m oU se

Disney California Adventure

Friday, January 09, 2009

Auto supply company fined $600,000

Auto supply company fined $600,000

Products sold did not comply with state air quality

SACRAMENTO: The Air Resources Board has fined CSK Auto, Inc.
$600,000 for selling windshield washer fluid throughout the state
that does not comply with the state's clean air regulations.

CSK Auto, Inc, is headquartered in Phoenix AZ and is parent
company of several west coast automobile supply retail outlets,
including California's Kragen Auto Parts, where the violations
were found. ARB cited the chain for selling windshield fluid
throughout California that was specially formulated with higher
pollutants to prevent from freezing in the state's colder,
mountainous areas.

"Manufacturers of a wide variety of automotive and other
consumer products are subject to California's strict air
pollution requirements," said ARB Chairman Mary Nichols. "And we
depend on retailers to stock only those products that meet our
clean air goals."

Through routine monitoring, ARB enforcement officials discovered
that CSK was selling windshield washer fluids and deicers that
exceed limits of volatile organic compounds. Through the years of
2004 and 2006 more than 14,000 gallons of non-complying products
were sold.

ARB has worked with the consumer product industry for many years
to strictly control the VOC content in consumer products as VOCs
contribute to the creation of ground level ozone. Ozone is
caustic and irritates nasal passages and lung tissue, creating a
serious problem for people with cardio-pulmonary diseases such as
asthma and chronic pulmonary obstructive disorder.

The penalties were paid directly to the California Air Pollution
Control Fund which uses the money to reduce air pollution through
a variety of programs.

Limiting the amount of VOCs in products has reduced the number
of high ozone days throughout California. This is especially
important in all of California's major air districts as they
still fail to meet federal health standards for ozone.

The Air Resources Board is a department of the California
Environmental Protection Agency. ARB's mission is to promote and
protect public health, welfare, and ecological resources through
effective reduction of air pollutants while recognizing and
considering effects on the economy. The ARB oversees all air
pollution control efforts in California to attain and maintain
health based air quality standards.

ARB likes fining people.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

GTR Meet and Cruise January 24th, First Z Car Garage Open House GTR EVENT

We will have a show, shine, and cruise on January 24th (see poll if this date does not work or you) at Z Car Garage in San Jose CA.

This will be a great event and I really hope as many GTR's as possible make it out! We have reserved a private showing of the Canepa Design museum and restoration facilities. There is also a good chance that ZCG scored us a viewing of the very private, customer storage area. This group of buildings houses some of the most valuable and rare vehicles know to man, or anything else. Believe me, I've seen it before. The FIRST Duesenberg made for street use was with-in reach when I visited Canepa last fall. Please check out the link to Canepa below to see the kinds of vehicles that will be on display (the web site has only a taste!)

This is truly amazing place and I hope as many GT-R owners as possible will be able to make it. We'll be having a scenic drive to the museum so that we can enjoy the GT-Rs as they were meant to be. Make sure you check for updates on the entire event. I'll be putting a post up right now that basically says what I have just written here.

You can leave requests for more info here in this thread or feel free to contact Rob or myself through ZCG at

Thanks for bearing with me while I set this up and we'll see you shortly.

The plan is to meet at Z Car Garage around 10 am. We will have many of the great customer vehicles that ZCG has built including the ZCG GTR at SEMA. You will also have the opprotunity to see some new product offerings up close that we have been developing over the last few months!

After a few hours of checking out each others rides and taking a look at their great facilities we will take to the open road in an ALL GTR caravan. We will be photographing the run and posting pics of all these great machines in motion! So, owners and lovers of the GTR all are welcome to come! Please post here is you plan to attend or send me a PM.

More details to come soon.

Z Car Garage Show and Cruise
January 24, 2009 (date subject to change if it is to the benefit of the community... see poll for details)
140 Archer Street
San Jose, CA 95112

View Larger Map

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Isuzu to cease passenger vehicle sales in America at month's end

Isuzu will cease selling passenger vehicles in America on January 31. In a news blurb that's about as abbreviated as the company's product lineup, Kelley Blue Book reports that the troubled Japanese automaker will stop selling its Ascender SUV and i-Series pickups at the end of the month, both badge-engineered versions of General Motors trucks. Isuzu sales have been winding down for some time now (it sold just over 7000 units last year), and the move had been expected as the plant that underpins the Ascender (shared with the Chevrolet Traiblazer, GMC Envoy, and Saab 9-7X) shuttered just before the holidays.

They were not doing good before the industry slow down. Now they are going away. Too bad. Source: Autoblog

Friday, January 02, 2009

RB26 Powered Mustang for Sale

An incredible one of a kind car and part of movie history. After an investment of $100,000 in parts alone building this ONE OF A KIND 1968 California Mustang Fastback with a NISSAN SKYLINE TURBO GTR motor and 5 speed GTT manual transmission was driven for approximately 200 miles during making of a recent major motion picture. By contract we can’t say which one. This car was the "star" of the movie, featured in numerous magazine and internet article. It was driven by the film's star and not used in racing or stunt scenes. Some of the goodies built into the car include Wilwood four wheel disc brakes with 4 pistons up front, Volk GT-7 19 x 9 wheels up front and 19 x 10 in rear, Toyo Praxes T1R tires, KYB shocks, Flaming River rack & pinion steering, Sperco Intercooler, Greedy manifolds, N1 Magflow Exhaust, Fuel safe fuel cell with stainless lines, Global West upper & lower control arms, Wenco drive shaft, 9" Currie rear end, New Year One interior including new replacement seats, Hurst shifter, and front power windows. After completion of the movie, the car was put on display for promotion and displayed at an Auto Museum. Recently the car was taken back to the shop. The engine was completely rebuilt and all the little details - such as new carpet - that movie cars sometimes overlook were taken care of. for further info see line and search for skyline Mustang. The car current makes about 400hp and will run on 91 octane.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Buttonwillow R35 GT-R Trackday Compilation Video

It was a fun day. Next time, I think they are going to allow more than 12 cars. It should be fun. Some of the heritage GT-R guys need to come out.

12 GT-R's at the track.