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Friday, December 11, 2015

Nissan Skyline GT-R Oil Coolers and Oil Cooling

We have written quite a lot about oiling for an RB26, but realized we really haven't discussed oil coolers.

On a stock RB26 there is an oil/water heat exchanger on the right side of the engine. The oil filter attaches to part of the asembly.  If you have an R32 with Hicas, you know how fun it is to get to the oil filter.

RB factory oil cooler. Coolant lines are green. 
Its a good idea if you are going to go on a track, or do any high speed driving with the car to put an external oil cooler on the car. On a track, it only takes a few laps in cool outside temps to get the oil temps above the 110C range. As important as the cooler itself, is the ducting to and though the cooler core.

We bolded and underlined that last line, because it is very important. If you look at any modern car, or look at any kind of race car, ducting in and out of the core of a cooler is managed. Air is lazy. It takes the path of least resistance. Since you bought the cooler, you want the air packed at the front of it to pass though the core, not pass around it. By adding proper ducting, the air will pass though the core, raising efficiency tremendously.

R34 N1 with C-West bumper, ARC oil cooler
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This picture shows an example of air that is able to flow though a core. In the front, and vented out the back side

RB26DETT bottom end
On an RB26DETT, you have a lot of factors that contribute to oil temperature. It is honestly near an oil cooled engine. The higher you rev it, the more temperature you add. At a point you can't cool the oil enough, and it breaks down. When it breaks down enough, you kill an engine.  An RB26 has a long crankshaft with 7 main bearings. Each bearing is adding lots of heat at high rpm.

RB oil squirters
Then you have oil squirters, which in the case of OEM pistons (or some of the special aftermarket pistons), have oil cooling channels in them.  Each squirter sprays at the underside of the crown of the piston, helping to cool combustion temperatures.

There are advantages to this, but most aftermarket pistons don't use this technology. Some guys with big power engines, also eliminate the squirters. They aerate the oil a bit. This is also why the RB has a tendency to move a bit of oil though the PCV system. Oil is all whipped up in the bottom end between the crank, pistons, rods, and squirters.

The next big factor to add heat to the oil are the turbos. Each gets hot. Each adds oil temperature to the mix.

Exhaust cam cover off

Then we have two long camshafts in the head. Both also adding some heat to the mix.   So if you have been following along, you see the need for an oil cooler. The factory setup works, but by cooling the oil you are also heating up the water. At a point you overrun that system. Over the years we have tried add on water coolers, aftermarket oil/water heat exchangers, and air/oil coolers.  We favor the air/oil coolers.

We have eliminated the factory oil/water cooler on one car we had. Cruising at highway speeds, the oil temperatures got a lot hotter than we like. For this reason, we recommend at least a small air/oil cooler if you eliminate the factory setup.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Purist Winter Toy Drive 2015

1971 Nissan Skyline - Hakosuka

We had a great time out at the Winter Toy Drive 2015. Tons of cars, tons of people.  Many unique cars you just won't see anywhere this side of the SEMA Show.

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Mercedes CLK-GTR

Nissan Skyline GT-R Vspec II

Unicone - Crazy Cart Racing League

Unicone - Crazy Cart Racing League

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Seven Second Top Speed R32 GT-R in Car Video

This was a bit of a wild ride. The Top Speed R32 GT-R from the Ukraine, on a pretty bumpy airstrip, running a mid seven second pass. 184 mph in the quarter.  Air shifted trans.

Drag East European Championship in Vinniza, Ukraine.
1.26 - 60ft time
ET 7.663
trap 296 kph / 184 mph
It was crazy scary run!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

NISSFEST 2015 at Auto Club Speedway In Fontana

NISMO N-Attack R35 GT-R built by STILLEN
Our original plan was to run NISMO #500 at NISSfest 2015 at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana on November 21, 2015, but work got in the way.  Since we weren't going to run the R32 GT-R, we were going to give it a pass.  However since we are so close to Fontana, we decided to have a booth in the vendor area.  Amy from Automotive Forums was in town, it seemed like a good time to bring out the R34 N1 Super Taikyu - World Challenge race car.  Its been nearly 10 years since the car ran in anger. Its been about a year since it even saw the light of day.  Although we didn't run the car on the track, this time, the plan is to prep it to be at least track ready.

The R34 is one of two that were imported as race cars, with full NHTSA and EPA approval. For more information on that process - read here -

For more information on how to import vehicles over 25 years old to the US, check out International Vehicle Importers. 

Automotive R34 N1 race car
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N-Attack R35

N-Attack R35 fender

N-Attack R35 wing

Thursday, November 19, 2015

First California Legal Nissan Skyline GT-R In the 25 Year Old Car Era

Now California Legal Nissan Skyline GT-R
International Vehicle Importers from Ontario, California, along with G&K Automotive Conversions, and California Environmental Engineering (CEE) from Santa Ana, California are proud to announce the first California legal R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R in the over 25 year old vehicle era.

In the early 2000's, G&K and CEE brought cars into California compliance for the defunct MotoRex.  Now that 1989, 1990, and soon 1991 Nissan Skyline GT-R's are over 25 years old, they are legal to import to the US. They are exempt from FMVSS at 25 and EPA exempt at 21 years old, so many have recently been legally imported. However, since California has its own EPA, the ARB, legally owning these cars in California has been near impossible, or illegal.

Now with this relationship, fully California legal Nissan Skyline GT-R's will be available for sale from starting at $30,000.  These cars, once they under go modifications and pass ARB testing, are treated the same as any vehicle of the same year for smog testing. They get smogged every 2 years like any other vehicle.

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BAR label for a 1990 Nissan Skyline GT-R. The bar code, on the BAR label can be scanned at any smog shop

Not only can we do Nissan Skyline GT-R's, it is possible to bring other vehicles into California compliance.   Anything from Toyota Soarer's, to Nissan Figaro's. Modifications and testing costs for each car are different. Email or call us for more information. or 844-523-2233

Smog test results - California legal 1990 Nissan Skyline GT-R

California compliant 1990 Nissan Skyline GT-R

Monday, November 16, 2015

HICAS and the R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R

HICAS.  Super HICAS. Four Wheel steering. 4WS. People say all kinds of things.  The R32 GT-R technically has Super HICAS on it. Its a hydraulic mechanical four wheel steering system.  The OEM power steering pump has 2 stages. One for the front steering rack, and a rear stage for the rear steering rack.

Not a lot of people like the system. It can fault. It can leak. It sometimes does odd things. When the rear wheels steer it can be a bit unsettling.  The system is very similar to the 300ZX system. Also it can be found on a number of other Nissans.

The original purpose was to help with handling, and even low speed maneuvering. At higher speeds the rear wheels turn in the direction of the front wheels, making things like lane changes a little easier. At low speeds they turn counter, allowing the vehicle to have a tighter turning radius.

You can see in the above diagram, the rear wheels on turn in, go counter the front wheels. This helps to rotate the rear end of the car. They then turn in the direction of the front wheels to try and keep everything in line.

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Self Diagnostic Procedure and HICAS trouble codes

The system.

R32 GT-R Super Hicas specifications

OEM R32 GT-R Steering Wheel

Early wheel on the left, late wheel on the right. Notice the position of the square cutouts. HICAS R32 GT-R steering wheel

R32 GT-R Power Steering pump. Front side is for front rack. Rear side is for HICAS rack
Rear steering rack. HICAS rack. Rear wheel steering
R32 GT-R Super HICAS electrical system diagram

How to Bleed Super Hicas without a Consult.

Aftermarket steering wheel with HICAS boss

Friday, November 13, 2015

Push vs Pull Clutch : Nissan Skyline GT-R Clutches

What style of clutch is this? 
Here is a question we get fairly often.  Push vs Pull clutch. What is the difference? What type of clutch is on my car? Why did Nissan switch from push to pull clutch? Why are most aftermarket clutches push?

If you are like us, at one point in your Skyline GT-R life, you needed a clutch. A couple too many 8,000 rpm off the limiter launches, and whatever is in there is done.  So you look up clutches, and pick one out, but the question comes up, is it a push or pull?

Push or pull refers to the action to release the clutch.  A push clutch, does just that, pushes on the disk cover or diaphragm, to release pressure on the disks, so the center is disengaged from the engine. A pull clutch pulls on the diaphragm to release pressure on the disks.

The early Nissan Skyline GT-R's are all push clutches.  You can identify the clutch itself by the clutch cover.  If it has open fingers, then its a push. If it has a ring, then its a pull.

Push style clutch. This is a Tilton carbon/carbon triple plate for a Nissan Skyline GT-R
Pull style clutch. This Nismo is made by Exedy, a twin plate, and in this case for a Getrag transmission

So which is better?  This is what Daikin/ Exedy has to say about push vs pull

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So why isn't every clutch pull? Some of it is complexity. Costs. What we have also heard, is it is because of patents. Daikin/ Exedy has the patents on the technology, so not everyone uses it.  I have seen people drill holes in their bell housing to release a pull style clutch. If the transmission comes off the engine, and stops hard at about an inch, then you probably need to release the throw out bearing. Its really not that hard. Watch the video below for instructions.

How to remove a pull style throwout bearing in a late R32,R33, or R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R transmission. Watch the video. Its easy when you know how. 

How do you identify what clutch actuation your car has in it? If your car is a 1989-1992, then it should be a push style clutch.   Later than February 3rd, 1993, it should be a pull clutch. Key words always being "SHOULD".While it is possible to change push to pull and vice versa, its not something you want to figure out when the car is on a lift.

02/03/'93 Minor change Late model. V-spec added
Rear diff cover fin removed
Clutch modified (push -> pull)
Synchronizers modified
Brembo caliper added(V-spec)
ETS program modified(V-spec)
Tires changed (V-spec: 225/50-17)
BBS mesh special wheel (V-spec)
# N1 model gets to based on V-spec

As with anything on a car that is over 20 years old, it has probably had a clutch change at some point. So its always best to check.  Follow the pictures below for some help identifying what you have.
Late R32 bellhousing. This has bosses for push and pull clutch. It is currently a push clutch, or early. 

Getrag with a conversion kit for an ATS carbon clutch
In the above picture, the slave cylinder is on the backside of the shift fork.  As originally placed this is a pull clutch. Now with the slave flipped to the new position, this becomes a push clutch actuation. .

Some of the R32/R33 bellhousings have bosses/are drilled for both style slave cylinders.
Pull clutch slave cylinder. Also clutch dampening loop is partially visible. 

The parts required for a pull to push conversion.

Clutch Pull to push conversion-
Late Model R32, R33
Front cover assembly :32110-05U11 (japan part only)
Gasket :32112-05U12
Clutch fork :30531-01S00 (same part for a 1991-1993 240SX)
Spring :30514-14600
Spring :30534-E9000
T/O bearing :30502-14601
Bearing sleeve:30501-S0160 / 30501-N1601 (14mm for twin / trip disc)
Bearing sleeve: 30501-K0404 (24mm for single disc)
Dust cover :30542-31610
Slave cylinder :30620-21U01
Flywheel bolt: 12315-04U00

 In addition to push and pull clutch actuation via slave cylinder and fork, there are also converters sold that go inside the trans, and hydraulic release (slave) bearings.

OS Giken clutch actuation conversion kit

Getrag converted to push clutch actuation

Getrag converted to push clutch actuation

Another push style triple plate clutch. 

Front cover. Notice the fork pivot. Its a ball on early R32.

Factory Clutch

R32 GTR(There are early and late R32, so double check this)
Disc- C0100-05U15
Cover-30210 - 05U01
Bearing- 30502-21000

Early Push Slave Cylinder assembly- 30620-21U01
Early Push Slave Cylinder Piston kit - 30621-05U25

Disc- 30100-21U01
Cover- 30210-21U00
Throw out bearing- 30502-12U00 (300ZX part) or 30502-45P00 (300ZX part)
Bearing Sleeve- 30501-S0200 (18mm)

Disc- 30100-0V708
Cover- 30210-24U00
Bearing- 30502-12U00

Disc- 30100-0V708
Cover-30210 - AA300
Bearing- 30502-12U00

Throw Out Bearing Sleeves

Depending on what clutch, and flywheel you are running, you may need a new throw out bearing sleeve for the early, push style clutches. The height listed is from the front side of the fork to the seat position of the bearing.

30501-22102 8mm
30501-B5000 10mm
30501-A3800 12mm
30501-N1601 14mm
30501-U0200 16mm
30501-S0200 18mm
30501-B6000 20mm
30501-S0160 22mm
30501-K0404 24mm
30501-K0510 26mm
30501-N1600 28mm
30501-N8400 30mm

OS Giken Single and Multi Plate Clutch bearing information

NISMO R32 GT-R Clutch Change Time Lapse Video.