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Monday, September 01, 2014

SCCA Pro Racing in 2006: Automotive Forums Nissan GT-R : Sebring : First Race

The Automotive Forums team at Sebring. Victor, Sean, Igor, Josh, and Merritt
Its only been about 3 years since I wrote my last post on racing in 2006 over at The Sky Life, and it ended something like this.

After Roebling Road, we packed up and headed for Sebring, the first race of the year withSCCA Pro.  Some good some bad.
We made it. Made it to the first race. Full crew, car(and a spare), team. The #1 car ran(ex- Fujitsubo), we had tested it at Roebling Road, and we were prepared for our first professional race of the 2006 World Challenge GT season.

R34 GT-R Sporting Z-Tune parts. Car #1
Sebring is a rough track. Well its really not even a track. Its an ex-runway, that became a track. It beats up cars, and it beat us up a bit.

Before you are allowed on track, the SCCA Pro officials have to come around and do a tech inspection on your car. There are many items in the rule book, to keep the driver, car, and fans safe if anything goes wrong. This was pro racing, so a little bumping and grinding happens, cars do go off track and crash. It really isn't a problem for cars to touch, but punting a car, that is frowned upon. After we passed the tech inspection, we were ready for our first time on track.

Igor talking to the SCCA Pro tech inspectors
So, we had the race rig, two cars, lots of spares, people. One thing we were missing was any kind of golf cart. Just something we didn't think a lot about, but honestly its necessary for racing at this level. Since World Challenge is a support race for other series, like CART, like ALMS, and NASCAR, the World Challenge cold pits, are often far, far away from the hot pit. We were the ones pushing our tool box to the wall. It felt like our first professional race.

On the white Volk Racing TE37. These like the bronze are 18 x 10.5. 
The hot pit is where you see the work on the car go on during a race. World Challenge races are 50 minutes long, so if you have to pit, you aren't going to be able to do well. Essentially a 50 minute sprint race.

Super Takiyu Spec RB26 in the engine crate

Best Motorsports R32 GT-R Rally Car

Check out this video of the Best Motorsports R32 Rally car. Best was involved with one of the 400R R33's that went to Pikes Peak.  Overall this R32 GT-R looks pretty stock. Fun in the dirt.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

3.2 Liter R32 Drag Car

So what do you notice that is different about this R32? Its sporting a 3.2 liter RB30 based engine. Has ran 7.80 in testing. Check out the video below. for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

In Car - 1988 300ZX - Paul Newman IMSA Adam Carolla

Check out the video. About 4 minutes in, Adam passes a Hakosuka at Laguna Seca. The 300ZX looks fast. Very fast. Cool. Full run down coming up next weekend.

Clip of Adam racing Paul Newman's 300zx Turbo at the Monterey Historics. Full race video and commentary will be on Adam Carolla's CarCast next weekend for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

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