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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Want to Start Your Own Left Hand Drive Nissan Skyline GT-R Business?

Left Hand Drive R33 Skyline GT-R

Proving once again, that right to left hand drive conversions are a tough business, the guys over at LHD-GTR.Com have decided to sell off their molds, tools, and business on ebay. They gave it a go for a few years, but honestly few people want to spend the money and expense to convert the cars to left hand drive, unless they are required to.

Left hand drive R33 GT-R
Selling Nissan Skyline GT-R's here in the US for over 16 years, with no requirement for left hand drive, we get an occasional person that wants a left hand drive, but 99.9% of the people want to keep the car as it was built.  This means in real life, very few actual customers.   It gets down to personal preference, and how much time and money someone wants to outlay.

They even moved the mirror and window switches

If you want to own the molds, and knowledge to convert an R33 to left hand drive, you can find the eBay listing here. Its at $3050 USD right now. 

Left hand drive Nissan Skyline GT-R conversion
Elitetech Automotive are the owners of
We developed and built LHD R33 GT-R Skyline to the highest possible standard.

Due to a change of business direction, we have now decided to auction off all the equipment, tools, molds and knowledge that we developed for this car.
PLEASE NOTE: YOU ARE NOT BUYING A VEHICLE,  You will receive the following only:

1. Fibre Glass molds:
     Dashboard (4 piece mold)
     Dashboard Finisher (1 piece mold)
     LH Door insert mold (1 piece mold)
     RH Door insert mold (1 piece mold)
     Wiper Cowl cover mold (1 piece mold)

2. Tools / Fixtures
     Dashboard cross car beam template

3. CAD
    All files used for laser cut parts
    Wiring diagrams to aid harness modification

4. Parts
     Steel: Full vehicle set of laser cut steel parts.  This includes everything on the excel file below.
     Fibreglass: We have some practice dashboard parts, but nothing we wanted to put into a vehicle.  We wil linclude these.
     Electrical: We have various parts remaining from the conversion, mainly only electrical parts, but we will include everything we have remaining.

5. 'How to make conversion' document, including many photographs and full 'bill of materials' for the build, including the Nissan part numbers we use.

In winning this auction, you will have all the data required to make 1 vehicle conversion, but also retain the molds/tools to make further vehicle conversions yourself!
Please note, this is not a complete kit and you will have to source your own steering rack,

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

RB26 : Twin Turbo vs Single Turbo : The Video to Answer the Question

We asked this question many years ago. Which makes more sense? Which is better? Why is one better?   Andrew from MotiveDVD has answered the question in this latest video. In the video, his R32 GT-R has ran as fast as 10.9@131 mph in the quarter mile on the twins.  He switches from the twins to a single Garrett GTX turbo.

The results might be different if you are comparing an older single turbo vs the twins, then they might be pretty close. However with a more modern turbo like the GTX, we see a pretty big difference.
  • 10%+ Higher pressure ratio compared to traditional GT compressor wheel designs
  • Forged, fully machined wheels (billet) for expedited release
  • 11 Full-blade design for improved efficiency and ultra quiet operation
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The never ending debate for RB26 owners. Low mount twins our single when upgrading from stock turbos and your looking for the best balance of response and power.
Our R32 GT-R project car already had 10-second performance and was a responsive daily driveable street car, but would a single make it better or worse?
We do a back to back comparison between low mount bolt-on twins and a medium frame GTX3582R turbo to see which is better, with results taken from:
- The dyno
- The dragstrip
- The road
We've made up our mind. Will you?

It was interesting to see them running the small foot T3 divided turbo inlet, with a big housing 1.01.

Now we need to go look up the specs of their R32.

Turbo PNCHRA PNInd Whl Dia(mm)Exd Whl Dia(mm)TrimA/RWhl Dia(mm)TrimA/R

Kind of odd that they were the -7 (N1 equivalent) vs the -5 (2530 equivalent). All the specs are about the same, except the inducer wheel diameter, which changes the trim, and the turbine trim.

Turbo PNCHRA PNInd Whl Dia(mm)Exd Whl Dia(mm)TrimA/RWhl Dia(mm)TrimA/R
Turbos for RB26

Motive DVD had -5 internals put into a -7 front cover.  Made good power for what it was.  Over 300kw once they changed the fuel pump. More once they went to a stand alone ECU.

Some of our plots of bolt on under manifold turbo setups on an RB26.

Some single turbos

Some singles and twins plotted together

Sunday, July 12, 2015

1993 and 1994 Nissan Skyline GT-R Colors - Production of Each Paint Code - KH2 - 732 - KL0 - TH1 - AH3 -BL0

This is not an R32 GT-R convertible. It is however KH2 or Gunmetal
1993 and 1994 Nissan Skyline GT-R colors and production numbers

FAST - Nissan's parts ordering system, has a way to look up cars by chassis number. From the chassis number you can find out the equipment originally installed on the car "the options", the color codes, date of production, and a few other details.

Not an OEM blue R32. NISMO R32 GT-R on 18" R34 wheels
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Now that IVI - is importing and selling a lot of 25 year old Nissan Skyline GT-R's in the USA, we get a lot of questions about colors. It always seems that most of the cars are - dark grey. The color is called Gunmetal - Gun Grey, or Gun Grey Metallic. The color code KH2 was the campaign color of the car, so it was the one that was in all the brochures.

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It seems that the FAST database is missing a lot of cars (664 in 1989, 969 in 1990, 981 in 1991 ). Our best guess is the cars that have been de-registered have been removed from the database.  So exported cars, crashed cars, or other cars may not show up. However we can pull numbers from what are listed.

BNR32 Color Codes
#KH2 - Gun Grey Metallic
#KG1 - Jet Silver Metallic
#TH1 - Dark Blue Pearl
#AH3 - Red Pearl Metallic
#732 - Black Pearl Metallic
#326 - Crystal White
#KL0 - Spark Silver Metallic
#BL0 - Greyish Blue Pearl (special order)
#AN0 - Wine Red

326 white R32 GT-R
In 1993, Nissan Skyline GT-R chassis codes - VIN numbers- started with just two cars BNR32-223299 and 223300 that are listed as 1/93.Then the third model started BNR32-300001 and went to chassis number BNR32-305838.  Although FAST and one other reference differ.

300001 to 306= 6347 +2 = 6349 cars for 1993

Total of 5527 cars paint codes pulled for 1993, and  326 was the majority with 32%  of the cars being white. Second this time, KL0 - silver with 24%. Third was KH2 gunmetal with 23%. Fourth 732- black with 10%. Fifth  Red - AH3 with 8% of the total cars. TH1 blue - 2%. The special order BL0 was on 1% of the cars, or 28 cars that we pulled records for.

There are still a few weird ones near the beginning/end of the years. Your mileage may vary.

Color Total
KH2 1283
732 572
KG1 0
TH1 128
AH3 449
326 1767
BL0 28
AN0 0
KL0 1300
All 5527

In 1994, Nissan Skyline GT-R chassis codes - VIN numbers- started BNR32-306349 and went to chassis number BNR32-314649.  Although FAST and one other reference differ.

306349 to 314649 = 8300 cars for 1994

Total of 7479 cars paint codes pulled for 1993, and  326 was the majority with 48%  of the cars being white. Second this time, KLO - silver with 24%. Third was KH2 gunmetal with 14%. Fourth 732- black with 8%. Fifth  Red - AH3 with 6% of the total cars. TH1 blue, BL0, AN0, all none.

Color Total
KH2 1024
732 601
KG1 0
TH1 0
AH3 466
326 3612
BL0 0
AN0 0
KL0 1776
All 7479

Totals. 1989-1994 Nissan Skyline GT-R.   Out of all the color codes we pulled from FAST, which were 39,242 chassis numbers(42,947 produced),  51% were KH2 or gunmetal. 22% were 326 white. 14 percent were 732 black. 6% were AH3 red. 4% were KG1 silver. 3% were TH1 blue. Less than 1% were BL0. We didn't find any AN0 or wine red 1989-1994 R32 GT-R, even though some sources reference that color.

Total colors 1989-1994

Color Total
KH2 17536
732 4878
KG1 1424
TH1 1007
AH3 2154
326 7386
BL0 127
AN0 0
KL0 4730
All 39242

1989 -  chassis numbers 000054 to 005083 = 5030 cars
1990 -  chassis numbers 005084 to 013744 = 7692 cars
1990 - chassis numbers 100001 to 100560 = 560 cars
1990/1991 numbers out of order = 10 cars
1991a-   chassis numbers 013745 to 017467 = 3713 cars(minus 10 for 1990/1991)
1991b-  chassis numbers 212001 to 215653 = 3653 cars
1992 -   chassis numbers 215654 to 223298 = 7645 cars
1993a - chassis numbers 223299 to 223300 = 2 cars (1/93 only)
1993b - chassis numbers 300001 to 306348 = 6348 cars
1994 - chassis numbers 306349 to 314649 = 8300 cars
Total of 42956 cars 1989-1994

Friday, July 10, 2015

Fuel Pump Install : Nissan Skyline GT-R : NISMO Pump Into a NISMO

Most of our Nissan Skylines are at least 25 years old. At that age, things wear out, or will eventually wear out. On our NISMO #500, we decided to get preemptive and ordered a NISMO fuel pump to replace the OEM fuel pump. We see it as cheap insurance.  The NISMO pumps are great pumps, drop in, and have low failure rates. Stock R32 is rated at 195 L/hr . Nismo replacement is rated at 276 l/hr. More fuel pump info - Stealth 316.  The single NISMO pump, at OEM voltages is good to about 500 wheel horsepower and 75 psi. Above that you need to start thinking about some complex fuel systems. 

Since fuel vapors are flammable (well duh) always do this in a well ventilated area, keep smoking to a minimum.  Some people pull the fuel pump fuse, or disconnect the pump connector to clear the lines of fuel.  We aren't afraid of fuel. 

The fuel tank access plate in the trunk of an R32 GT-R

The fuel tank access plate in the trunk of an R32 GT-R

Access plate removed. top of the tank is visible

Fuel outlet hose removed

A use for the special tool to remove fuel tank tops. Otherwise you can use a big screwdriver and a hammer

Tank top removed

Center hard line it outlet. Top hard line is return

Return and outlet are marked

Backside of the fuel level sender

NISMO fuel pump for BNR32  17042-RR581

NISMO fuel pump in place. OEM pump removed. Notice cradle/sump that an R32 pump sits in. 

Closer shot showing NISMO pump vs OEM pump

Lines connected to NISMO pump, ready to go back in

BNR32 Fuel tank top o ring part number 17342-79900

Top of tank reinstalled. Make sure the fuel sender float doesn't get tangled in the tank lines.  Make sure you don't pinch the o-ring. 

Make sure you don't pinch the o-ring. 

Top reinstalled. Good for another 25 years?

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