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Saturday, July 07, 2018

First 6 Second Nissan Skyline GT-R : Maatouks Racing Metro : 6.93@203 mph

Maatouks Racing does it. The first 6 second all wheel drive pass in an R32 GT-R. Metro is a race car, but on a 275 radial.  King R32 was so close with the 7.0, but this car was the first to break the 6 second barrier.


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Thursday, July 05, 2018

Series III Nissan Skyline GT-R February 1993 to October 1994

The series III Nissan Skyline GT-R were released in February 1993, and went through the end of production in October 1994. There are a few changes with this final upgrade, and they are listed below.
Series III blue plate. 
The series II cars can easily be identified by their chassis number. BNR32-300001 is the first of the series. BNR32-314649 is the last of the series. More chassis number information at

The most significant difference was the added submodel of the Vspec in 1993 and 1994, and the Vspec II in 1994. A total of 1460 Vspecs were produced, and 1369 Vspec II's were produced.

17 inch Vspec and Vspec II Wheels with Brembo Brakes on an R32 GT-R
The Vspecs, or Victory Specification models had Brembo brakes, 17" wheels, stiffer suspension, an altered ATTESA program. The difference between the Vspec and Vspec II, was the Vspec II got a 245/45 tire vs the 225/50 on the Vspec.

The Vspec and Vspec II can be identified on the blue plate by the 8th position. If the 8th position is the letter B, then the car is a Vspec. If it is an X it is a standard GT-R. You can also find the chassis number here on GT-R Registry. A Vspec II will have a B in the 8th position, and an 8 in the 11th position. Vspec II chassis numbers at GT-R Registry

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Thursday, June 28, 2018

R's Day 2018 : Auto Club Speedway in Fontana : Bluecar Prep

R's Day 2018 is coming to Fontana - Auto Club Speedway on October 6th, 2018.

2017 - SpeedHunters

Once again, the plan is to take the Bluecar out.  Since last year, we have been working on a few things for the car. It went to Hoonigan Donut Garage, but other than that just has a few street miles on it.

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Doing some light changes. Part of it is done, some parts need to be worked on. 1250cc long nose injectors are in. Have a stock fuel rail that will have to go out to Alex Rodriguez to modify for a -8 feed and return. Have to figure out what fuel pumps I am going to run in this car. The NISMO has Frenchy's, but this car will probably go with some Walboros I bought before I purchased the Frenchy's setup.  Nistune with Flex fuel board is in. Need to install Innovate ECB-1.  Then switch the intake setup around a bit. Nissan/R35 MAF in HPI adaptors connected to the stock airbox.   Have some new suspension that hopefully gets here and installed in time.  Should make the car a little more compliant on the street.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R Buyers Guide: 1995 to 1997 : BCNR33

USA and California legal MotoRex R33 GT-R. 
The R33 GT-R debuted in 1995, and is probably the most popular body style in the US. Well at least it was back in 1998 until the R34 debuted for 1999. It's a larger, heavier car than the R32. The biggest GT-R, it is a bit of an odd one out. It is reported to be the first production car to run under 8 minutes at the Nurburgring, but I honestly do not believe that claim. The car they ran had modifications in order to run that number. No matter the claim, no independent testing even got close. Add a tire, an exhaust, and an oil cooler, with the right driver its possible, but box stock, not likely. 

The R32 and R34 use chassis code BNR.  The R33 uses chassis code BCNR. 

First off familiarize yourself with some Skyline GT-R Basics

RB26DETT Myths and Truths   | Advanced Notes | | | Maintenance Requirements for RB26DETT/R32 | R32 GT-R Service Manual in English | Setting Ignition Timing

Super Hicas | ATTESA | Air Conditioning | Non GT-R Skylines

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Early R33 with 97 up headlights and Nismo Wheels
From 1995-1998 there were 16,674 R33 GT-R's produced. About 1/3 the number of R32's.  There are three distinct versions of the R33. The Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3.   Series 1 are 1995. Series 2 are 1996. Series 3 are 1997-1998. 

The R33's RB26 had a few changes from the R32 engine, but overall near the same. It ran a little more boost. You would see about 11-12 psi peak. 

Series 1 Normal -5050
Series 1 Vspec - 4095
Series 2 Normal - 2291
Series 2 Vspec - 1203
Series 3 Normal - 1958
Series 3 Vspec - 1270
GT-R LM - 86
GT-R LM Vspec- 102
Total N1- 86
Autech GT-R - 416
Vspec (GB version) - 103

GT-R Magazine Registrations
1995- 8446
1996- 4093
1998 -1175

Last R33's, chassis number and colors
Normal     BCNR33-043740(11-9-98) QM1
Vspec       BCNR33-043743(11-9-98) KH3
Vspec N1 BCNR33-043012(2-20-98) QM1

R33 air inlet to the stock airbox.
Engine and Transmission

The R33 used a carry over version of Nissan's RB inline 6 cylinder engine powered the car. Iron block, aluminum dual overhead cam head. Sodium filled exhaust valves. Solid lifters. Six throttle bodies. Twin turbo. Oil cooled pistons. 73.7mm stroke with an 86 mm piston giving the RB26 2568cc of displacement. Short stroke, low torque, high revving. Stock most of the engines had ceramic exhaust wheels on the turbochargers, and saw about 0.8 bar of boost(500 mmHG, 11-12psi).

Behind the RB26DETT sat a 5 speed transmission, with internals shared with the Fairlady(300ZX). On the back of the transmission was the ATTESA transfercase, or the all wheel drive magic.


Engine Oil - 7.5 - 30 (10-30 for a street car, 15-50 on a track car) - 4.5 liters
Oil Filter - OEM 15208-60U00 , Fram PH3682 ,OEM(R34, smaller filter) 15208-9E000
Cooling System - Approximately 9 liters. Gycol or Water?  Depends where you live.
Front Differential (F160) - GL5 85-90 1 liter - (1 quart)
Transmission fluid - Don't try and fill it though the gear shifter. Though the gear shifter is the transfer case .  GL4 75-90  4.1 liters (4.3 quarts)
Transfer Case - Nissan Automatic Fluid Type D 1.8 liters (1.9 quarts)
Rear Differential(R200) - LSD GL5 80-90 1.5 liter(1.5 quarts)


Missing ceramic exhaust wheel

The turbos on the R33 are the same/similar to the ones fitted to the R32 GT-R. That means ceramic exhaust wheels, and fragile at high boost or if you knock on the engine. 

R32 GT-R (early)
R33 GT-R (normal)
R34 GT-R (normal)
R35 GT-R (early)
4545 mm (178.9 in)
4675 mm (184.1 in)
4600 mm (181.1 in)
4650 mm (183.1 in)
1755 mm (69.1 in)
1780 mm (70.1 in)
1785 mm (70.3)
1900 mm (74.9 in)
1340 mm (52.8 in)
1360 mm (53.5 in)
1360 mm (53.5 in)
1370 mm (54 in)
1480 kg (3265 lbs)
1530 kg (3373 lbs)
1540 kg (3395 lbs)
1737 kg (3829 lbs)
2615 mm (103 in)
2720 mm (107.1 in)
2665 mm(104.9 in)
2780 mm (109.4 in)
Front track
1480 mm (58.3 in)
1480 mm (58.3 in)
1480 mm (58.3 in)
1590 mm (62.9 in)
Rear track
1480 mm (58.3 in)
1480 mm (58.3 in)
1490 mm (58.7 in)
1600 mm (63 in)

Vspec vs Normal GT-R R33 GT-R
R33/R34 A-LSD rear differential components

Vspec or victory specification debuted in the R32 GT-R in 1993, and ran through 1994.  The Vspec II debuted in 1994. In the R32 that meant Brembo brakes, 17 inch wheels, stiffer suspension, some ATTESA reprogramming. Other than those parts, the engine, transmission were all the same. No power advantages, all braking and handling advantages.   In the R33, Nissan introduced an active rear differential (A-LSD) in the Vspec versions of the R33 GT-R.  This active rear differential works by locking the rear differential upon throttle application. If your foot is off throttle, the differential is open, making turning a little easier. As you start to put the power down, the differentially progressively locks.  We have seen some people say that the Vspec can vector torque, which it can not. It is just a lockup.

R33/R34 A-LSD circuit diagram

Along with the rear differential upgrade, the Vspec got ATTESA Pro, stiffer suspension. No power or braking upgrades on the R33 GT-R.  All the R33 GT-R got Brembo brakes front and rear.

First Date of Production

  • 1st model 1-6-1995
  • Vspec 1-6-1995
  • 2nd model 1-22-1996
  • LM Limited5-21-1996
  • 3rd model 2-3-1997
  • Autech 40th Anniversary12-8-1997
  • Last regular R33 - BCNR33-043740 (QM1 ) 11-9-1998
  • Last Vspec R33 - BCNR33-043743 (KH3) 11-9-1998
  • Last Vspec R33 N1- BCNR33-043012 (QM1) 2-20-1998

Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 prices when new

  • GT-R    4,7850,000 yen
  • Vspec   5,290,000  yen
  • N1        5,990,000 yen 
  • GT-R    4,825,000 yen
  • Vspec   5,330,000  yen
  • N1        5,990,000 yen 
  • LM Limited    4,998,000 yen
  • Vspec LM Limited   5,503,000  yen
  • GT-R        4,885,000 yen
  • Vspec       5,390,000 yen
  • N1            5,998,000 yen
  • 4 door Sedan  4,985,000 yen

#AN0 - Super Clear Red
#BN6 - Deep Marine Blue
#KH3 - Black
#KL0 - Spark Silver
#KN6 - Dark Grey Pearl
#LP2 - Midnight Purple
#QM1 - White
#BT2 - Champion Blue (Le Mans)
#KP4 - Sonic Silver
#AR1 - Super Clear Red II
Total built by color at GT-R Registry

Suspension and Alignment settings for Nissan Skyline GT-R. R32, R33, and R34. 

R32 GT-R Specifications and Production Information

R33 GT-R Specifications and Production Information
R34 GT-R Specifications and Production Information
RB26DETT Information
ATTESA Information

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