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Monday, October 28, 2019

Proving Grounds : The Rad Episode. Coming up Sunday November 3rd

R32 GT-R at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway for Proving Grounds

We had a lot of fun out at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway with the guys from Proving Grounds. In this Rad episode, they feature a Mazda 787, Delorean, Firebird, and an R32 GT-R.
Sunday night, November 3rd at 8:30 PM on NBCSN

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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Nissan Consult Tools for Skyline GT-R : OBD Scanners : Nissan Datascan

OBD II scanner showing a P0141 code

Old cars, young people.  This is something some of us old folk have to repeat to ourselves, when some new Nissan Skyline owner asks where they can plug an OBD II scanner into their car.  In the USA, cars 1996 and up had OBD II, or on board diagnostics II.  That was a more universal type engine computer scan tool/system/language/connector.  Prior to OBD II each manufacturer had their own tool, their own connector.  Still most do, but the generic OBD II has become universal in the USA.

Notice we said 1996 up, and in the USA.  The rest of the world, may have had cars with OBD II connectors around the same time, but generally in Japan, you didn't see them till around 2002.  There are still cars sold in some parts of the world- in 2019 that don't have OBD II.

Consult port location on an R32. The catalytic converter overtemp light, doubles as a check engine light

The 1989-2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R all have a Nissan diagnostic connector called a Consult connector, or Consult port. In the R32 the Consult port is located in the fusebox area, drivers side. Approximately above where your right knee is located. If you pull that cover off, and look in the upper left hand area above the fuse block, you will see a grey connector.  That is the Consult port.

Pinout for a Consult connector R32 GT-R

From the Consult port in an R32 you can read the ECU, Hicas, and power steering.

Consult III
Nissan's factory tool is now called a Consult III.  The Consult III is laptop based, and has cards that allow a dealership or tech to diagnose a car.  The Consult III is many thousands of dollars, and not generally realistic for most enthusiasts to have.  However there is another way to get similar results.

With a Consult cable, and a program, you can look at engine parameters, datalog, and even do some diagnostic testing.

Nissan Datascan
The screen shot above is from Nissan Datascan. You can see the engine is turning 975 rpm, which is probably right around 1000 rpm on the tach.  Both AFM are exactly the same, which honestly is a little weird. They normally are off 0.1 to 0.2 volts.  The engine temp is 170.6 F or up to temperature. 02 sensor, or oxygen sensors are fluctuating, which they should.  Battery voltage is 14.2 which shows a good alternator.  Throttle position is 0.42 volts, Nissan says approximately 0.5 volts is normal at idle. Injector is 1.71. Timing 20 degrees. AF Base, and AF Base S/L are both fuel correction trims.

You don't need a Consult tool to read and clear codes, but it sure makes life easier.

ECUTalk LCD V2, Green connecting to R32 GT-R

One other tool that we just added to our Nissan scanners, is from ECUtalk. It is a stand alone box that plugs into the Consult port, and will show various engine parameters, read and clear codes.  It can also alter fueling temporarily, and alter timing. So if you want to do some basic testing, it allows for those adjustments.

You can read more about what cars it covers in the User Guide.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Finally Running the Bluecar on the Dyno : Results

Finally got around to getting the #bluecar on the dyno. Last R's Day I was running it at 8-9 psi and it was doing ok.  Kept the boost low, and the fuel octane high.  It had enough injector to support E85. Installed the Innovate ECB-1 a little while ago, Ernie Fixmer installed the 02 sensor bung, and a few other things the car needed to be closer to being ready for R's Day 2019.

Full 2019 specifications for the bluecar are here - https://www.gtrusablog.com/2018/10/bluecar-2019-specifications-plans.html

Many of the things didn't happen, or plans changed.  It was still on the same AEM dryflow air filters, no stock airbox.  It was on an unknown fuel pump, which turned out to be the stock fuel pump.  I had a Hellcat pump ready to go in, but with R's Day, and our Open House it was difficult to get enough time to make it happen.  Also changes like this, only a day or two before an event, are not the best idea.

Since the new plans are to sell the car, I didn't want to go too crazy with parts that I can use on the new R33 project, Big Bird II.

444 horsepower at 14 psi.  328 horsepower at 8-9 psi.  RB26dett. HKS 2540 turbos. Tomei 260 cams

Friday, October 18, 2019

Toprank Importers Open House 2019

Toprank Importers Open House 2019

Toprank Importers held their Open House 2019 on October 13th, the day after R's Day 2019.  Tons of customers, friends, and others came though the shop.  Tokyo Doggie Style brought the food. Pictures from Alvin Miles

For Toprank Importers Merchandise - check out the page

@swiftcreation put together a video of the day.

Get Behind the Wheel put up a video of the day
Toprank Importers Open House 2019