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Thursday, April 11, 2019 Website Currently Down

While our website is down, we are still reachable at 844-523-2233 or

"The problem as we have determined it is that during an infrastructure migration project carried out early this morning, an important script that ties the various elements of Speed Digital’s applications to the hosting server was unexpectedly deleted. Due to a failed backup, it’s not possible for us to revert to a previous version of this script.
Our development team has been working throughout the day to recreate this script to bring Dealer Accelerate and dealer websites back online.  We have taken the additional step of engaging an external firm with significant infrastructure expertise to engage in an effort parallel to our own to rebuild this vital part of the infrastructure.
We want to emphasize that no Dealer Accelerate data or website information has been deleted due to this failure. As soon as the script is rewritten, all Speed Digital provided software solutions and dealer websites will return to normal operation. As we continue to work on this, we will be putting up a generic maintenance page on your websites so that your site visitors understand that your sites are unavailable due to an IT issue and not due to an issue related to your businesses.  "

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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Nissan Skyline Crank Angle Sensors : CAS

R34 CAS on the left, R32/R33 on the right

Nissan CAS or crank angle sensor is a crankshaft position sensor driven from the exhaust cam. The CAS sometimes accidentally called a cam angle sensor, has an optical wheel inside that is driven at 1/2 crank speed.  It has two sets of slots inside. One set is 360 one for each degree. The other set of slots is 6 or one for every 120 degrees of crank rotation. You will often see the signals labeled as the 1 and 120 signals.   The CAS allows you to adjust base ignition timing on an RB engine.    There are several different part's and part numbers for them.  There are Mitsubishi and Hitachi sensors.  There even a couple of shapes of the R32/R33 sensor.  The late R32, and early R33 sensors had a slightly different shape than the early R32, and R33 later sensors that were all the same.

Crank Angle Sensor Part Numbers


R32 GT-R with timing anti tamper tape applied

Notice the drive on the R34 CAS on the left, and the R32/R33 on the left

Other options

Crank angle sensor cross reference

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Coilpack Test Video : LS1 vs LQ9 vs R35 vs Yaris vs R8

Motive Video and Platinum Racing Products test 16 different coil packs to figure out which is best. They like the R35 coils, as do we. They are fairly readily available, have been proven out to 2000 hp+ on R35 GT-R.  Make sure you always get OEM coils, as knock off do exist. So if the price is cheap, too cheap, it probably is.

More info:
After showcasing the R35 coilpack kits from PRP, you wanted to see how and why the R35 was tested and chosen as the best coilpack for PRP kits. This mega test ranks 16 popular coilpacks

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

What's so special about Nissan RB? | Technically Speaking Video Haltech

What's so special about Nissan RB? | Technically Speaking

In this episode of Technically Speaking we take a closer look at what is arguably Nissan's finest engine series - the mighty RB.
Their popularity has been on a continual upward spiral since the mid 1990s but the RBs are not without their flaws. 
That's why we've invited a special guest Andrew Hawkins from Motive Video to our studio to cover the DOs and DON'Ts of an RB build. 

Covered in this video:
• RB series history
• Engine Overview:
• Tuning Options:
• DOs and DON'Ts:

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