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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Single Turbo vs Twin Turbo Plus Remote Mount Turbo Testing

Richard Holdener is a beast and I love him, the way you love a man that tests things, the way this man tests things.  The first test is single vs twins, Andrew from Motive Video is going to love this.  The next test is remote mounting turbochargers. The findings are both interesting. Maybe not what you expect, maybe what you expect. 

In this test on an LS V8 engine, his go to engine currently, he tests a 7875 turbo vs a pair of 3582 turbos. He ran them at four different boost levels. A dyno is best case scenario for boost response, as the dyno loads the engine, sort of like torque braking a car.  Even though, there is a difference here.  All three of these turbos are cheap turbos, but honestly you won't see much of a spread difference with expensive ones. 

Buy a Legal R34 Today : Import When Legal

Buy and store an R34 GT-R in Japan
How to buy and store an R34 until its legal to import to the US

If you are in the US, you know that our importation laws allow any vehicle over 25 years old, to be exempt from Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. At 21 years old a vehicle in original configuration is exempt from EPA requirements.  Each state have individual requirements, but for legal import, over 25 years old is exempt.  

While most people seem to want the R34 GT-R version of the Nissan Skyline, there are other versions, and models of the car available.  Already the R32 GT-R version, sold since August of 1989, has been legal in the US since 2014.  The R33 GT-R started turning 25 years old in 2020.   In 2024 the R34 GT-R starts to turn 25 years old and legal to import to the US. 

Paul Walker and his MotoRex R34 GT-R
Paul Walker and his MotoRex R34 GT-R at a Blockbuster

However the prices are rising, and rising fast.  If you want to own one of these 11,578 R34 GT-R built, over 20 years ago now, then it would be a good idea to secure a car now.  Toprank Importers can help you find, inspect, purchase, and store an R34 GT-R in Japan.   Our customer and YouTuber Dustin Williams purchased an R34 GT-R from Toprank, check out this video.

For more information on what Toprank Importers can offer you, follow the link here:

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Friday, January 08, 2021

RB26dett Drive By Wire for the Individual Throttle Bodies

RB26dett drive by wire for the individual throttle bodies

Still not a huge fan of aftermarket ECU controlling the throttle by wires, but it is something that is getting better in the aftermarket.

We are lucky enough to be running a IEE drive by wire kit for the RB26 individual throttle bodies ITBs setup on the RB28.  
In this video Stefen Etter (the man behind IEE) gives us a run down on what his drive by wire kit contains, and I set it up on the RB28 with a Haltech Elite 2500 ECU. 

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RB28det Billet Block - ZP Drift

Billet aluminum RB26 block with 2.8 liters of displacement

ZP Drift just posted up a new video showing their upgrade from their 23U RB25 block, to a billet aluminum RB block.  If you watch some of their older videos you will see some of the limitations they found with a factory cast iron block.   G42-1200 single turbo setup. 

Finally finished off the RB28 with the new billet block. Some changes to the engine including garret g42 1200 turbo, double supertech valve springs and an Drive by Wire ITB conversion kit.


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