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Jul 14, 2009

1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R : Show or Display Exemption

While talking about importation, Motorex, and Nissan Skyline GT-R’s in general on the R35 GT-R Forum – NAGTROC , I was informed that on the newest Show or Display list, that an R34 GT-R was on the list.  I found this interesting, as the car they listed did not exist.  I let the guys know that I would call the NHTSA- OVSC to get some clarification on it.
I talked to the NHTSA - OVSC yesterday.   I spoke with Dick Merritt there that handles the Show or Display exemptions.   The good way to get him going is to mention Skyline.  We had a 20 minute conversation, about many things Skyline related.   I mentioned to him that I met him in 1999 when I went to DC to talk to the OVSC then. 
When I asked for clarification what the R34 on the Show or Display list was, he said 1999 - Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Vspec , Early.  He said "they made less than 300."   
That is not true.  Vspecs were more popular than regular models . . I don't have the exact numbers but 5536 R34 GT-R's were sold in 1999.  Over the entire run of 12,175 cars , 7338 were Vspec;Mspec,VspecII;Nur , and 3962 were standard.
Anyway. He called Skylines "rocket ships" more than a few times. He said he would never want a car with so many computers in it, like the Porsche 959.  He wondered how anyone could, or would work on Skylines.
He said that he did not want the management to pass the R34 for Show or Display, but it was done without his approval.
Then he mentioned that no R34 has been brought in under the Show or Display exemption, because no one can do the EPA side of the requirements.


Anonymous said...

why hasn't anyone done an E85 tune? Wouldn't that satisfy the EPA side of it? I mean, if the car runs on clean burning, renewable fuel, what would be the problem then?

I'm sure they'll just find some other reason not to allow people to have Skylines

Sean Morris said...

E85 is not a cleaner fuel. It would have to run on LPG , CNG , Hydrogen, or something like that. It would also have to be a certified system, with OBD II. You are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars to do it correctly and legally. No one has the money they want to spend on it. The right way is not the easy or cheap way.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sean,

I'm taking a guess on this one, but could it be the "Midnight Purple" edition of the R34? It was just a special color as far as I know, but there weren't many produced, and less the 300 sounds about right.

Sean Morris said...

I asked Dick Merritt at the DOT and he said that color was not enough of a reason to get a show or display exemption. So its not the midnight purple cars. Thats the only thing I thought too.