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Jul 25, 2006

D1-NHRA Las Vegas

D1-NHRA Vegas

Merritt took some photos and posted them here - D1/NHRA

Vegas was hot. Africa hot. We saw 121 degrees on the temperature gage in the car, while driving.

At the track, it was hot. The temperature gage on the trailer was pegged at 120. Even at midnight it was 95 degrees.

People drifted. People crashed.

Had dinner/breakfast with Mr. Shiobara from Escort Racing - and Mr Kawasaki from K Spec.

Kenny had mentioned that he was talking to a guy named Kawasaki that did some work with HKS. I was pretty sure it was HKS's driver of the Drag 180, Drag R33, and Supra.

It was interesting to be able to ask him a few questions about the car. I wanted to ask a lot more questions, but it was about 4 am, and we were all having a very late dinner.

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