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Oct 3, 2006

Original Gone in 60 Seconds

Netflix rules. Watched the original Gone in 60 Seconds movie last night, you can guess where Spike Jones got the ideas for the Beastie Boys Sabotage video.

The outfits and hair were kicking like 1974, which is when they shot this movie.You get to see Long Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance in 1974. Having lived in the area the last seven or so years, interesting to recognize some of the landmarks.

In one scene, I knew it was near where the Nissan building used to be, prior to them moving to Tennessee. Sure enough, next shot - the Datsun building.

Lots of car crash destruction in the end of the film. The last 40 minutes is a car chase. This movie is one to add to your Netflix list if you haven't seen it.

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