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Apr 29, 2007

Redline Time Attack

Redline: Time Attack! Over All Grand Champion: Tyler McQuarrie 1:48.766 Hankook/JIC Magic S-15 Silvia
** New Overall Time Attack Track Record of 1:48.766, besting the old time held by the Sun Automotive Cyber EVO of 1:48.906.

Street Class FWD:

1st Place 2:07.729 Sports Car Motion Integra
2nd Place 2:11.087 Lorin Mueller BDX Ford Focus
3rd Place 2:14.128 John Lindeman Dynamic Tuning 94 Civic

Street Class RWD:

1st Place 2:02.834 Tim Kuo S2000
2nd Place 2:05.174 Salah Uddin 300ZX TT
3rd Place 2:06.541 Manly Kao Track HQ Lotus Elise

Street Class AWD:

1st Place 1:58.452 Nils Leufven GSC/Robispec Evo
2nd Place 2:02.887 Jean Meynet Harmon Motive Subaru
3rd Place 2:05.343 Frank Lin Mach III WRX

Street Class Champion:

Nils Leufven 1:58.452 GSC/RobiSpec Evo

Modified Class FWD:

1st Place 2:02.452 Craig Dabbs/Janos Garaczi SRT-4
2nd Place 2:05.906 Frank Yeung Baker Precision/
Kure Automotive CRX
3rd Place 2:06.177 Kenny Yim KMC Motorsports Civic

Modified Class RWD

1st Place 1:54.379 Billy Johnson Factor X NSX
2nd Place 1:55.319 Ryan Hampton SPL Parts 300zx TT
3rd Place 1:58.178 Robert Walker Evasive Motorsports S2000

Modified Class AWD

1st Place 1:56.381 Robert Walker Evasive Motorsports EVO
2nd Place 1:58.314 Robi RobiSpec EVO
3rd Place 2:00.054 Christian Miller 034 Motorsport Audi

Modified Class Overall Champion:

Billy Johnson 1:54.379 Factor X NSX

Unlimited Class FWD:

1st Place 1:58.749 Andrie Hartanto Redzone/Rota Civic
2nd Place 2:00.763 Chris Rado Scion tC
3rd Place 2:16.222 Ron Chapman C2 Motorsports Protégé

Unlimited Class RWD:

1st Place 1:48.766 Tyler McQuarrie Hankook/JIC Nissan S-15
2nd Place 1:58.551 Scott Bush Relentless 350Z
3rd Place 2:01.218 Allan Crockett BDX 88 Mustang

Unlimited Class AWD:

1st Place 1:50.383 Brian Lock GST Motorsports Impreza
2nd Place 1:51.697 Gean Sigal The Speed Gallery 996 Turbo
3rd Place 1:53.818 Russ Warr Crawford Performance Subaru STI

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