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May 18, 2007

1985 Toyota Corolla - AE86 coupe - FOR SALE

4AGEC. AE86 Flatblack. Pimp 5 star wheels. Dale Earnhardt and Dale Jr seat covers.

In all seriousness. 160,700 miles. Power steering ,Air conditioning, Cruise control , Hardtop(no sunroof). Dash is cracked in several spots. Paint is flat black. Just replaced distributor cap and rotor. Front and rear seats need some help.


$7800 - 252k miles - 85 GT-S Coupe - Autotrader

$5500 - 155k miles -86 Toyota Corolla


bdubbs said...

Upgrade to the number 8 Dale Jr seats and you have a deal.

Sean Morris said...

It has one 8 Dale Jr , and one 3 Dale Sr seat. Its a good deal