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May 21, 2007

Super Street letter

Super Street published the letter I sent in about banning race cars. Eric said he had a response to me also...

Verbiage went something like -

March 2007 Issue.

How exactly can you ban race cars from Time Attack in an Unlimited class ? Most race cars compete in a class with rules that limit the amount of modifications, weights, tires, fuels. I hate to come out and sound like I am defending the GMG Porsche, but honestly their race car is a lot more mild of a car than many of the other cars that compete at Time Attacks.

We raced against GMG this year with the Skyline GT-R in World Challenge, and they were fast. The Porsche ran almost as it was raced in World Challenge. James Sofronas is a top five World Challenge driver, in a good car. In World Challenge it has a minimum weight, air restrictor, spec tire, and spec fuel. Maybe instead of banning race cars, you should ban James Sofronas, or flat 6's. Seems like a few people might be afraid of them.

Would you allow the carbon fiber bodied HKS TRB-02 to compete in Time Attack ? That car is much more radical of a car, than you have seen at any of the Time Attacks. Even the C-West carbon bodied S2000 would not be legal for most race classes.

Seriously though, Eric challenging them to a one lap battle for $1000 is a joke. In the World of $1500 entry fees, $30,000 engine rebuilds , $800 weekend fuel costs , and $2000 a weekend tire costs, $1000 might as well be a dollar. I'm sure that $10,000 might have perked James's interest a little.

If you ban race cars, then perhaps you should also ban professional race car drivers. The GMG car isn't just fast because its a setup race car, its fast because the driver is fast. The car is naturally aspirated, on a Toyo RA1 DOT tire, with a H pattern gearbox. The Cyber Evo tuner car was still faster, and it sets a lofty goal to go after. The XS R32 was on a 305 R compound tire, 600-800 hp, Holinger sequential transmission, with a professional driver was still not as fast as the naturally aspirated Porsche on a DOT tire.

The Time Attacks have always been a fun mellow event to go to. Not too high pressure, just a good time. Let Unlimited class stands as it stands, an unlimited class. Wouldn't it be more of an accomplishment for someones tuner car to be faster than a race car ?

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