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Jun 11, 2007

Highest AEM RB26 horsepower so far ...

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We just finished tuning our Drag GTR32 on the Dyno and we manged to make 1025RWHP at 32psi shocked grin. i will post the Dyno sheet very soon. i think this sets the recored for the AEM EMS GTR user and proves the capability of the AEM EMS.



1- 2.6L Engine with Forged 87mm Pistons and H Beam Rods.
2- Stock Nissan Crank
3- 1600cc Injectors X 6
5- AEM 5 BAR MAP Sensor
6- 80mm DBB Turbo
8- Custom 295 Duration, 11.6mm Lift Cams.
9- Open 4in D/P.
10- Single Throttle Intake.
11- Supporting Fuel System
12 - Tomei oil pump

By the Way,

We finalized the tuning of the Car on the Dyno Last night and we made 1065RWHP

Great power from the setup. I thought it would take more turbo , and more boost to make this kind of power. Husam said that on the road the car was making good boost by about 6400 rpm , the Dynojet wasn't loading it enough to see spool earlier. Its where I want to be with my 1045 build. I just might do some slightly different things.

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