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Jul 13, 2007

Hubert Young joins San Dimas Auto Drifting /

July 11, 2007


Formula Drift, D1, NOPI licensed driver Hubert Young has joined San Dimas
Auto Racing. Team owner, Andrew Fernandez, is excited to have Young on
board for the rest of the 2007 season.

The team will campaign with Young’s revived S14 with a supercharged VQ35
prepared by, a subsidiary of San Dimas Auto Racing that
specializes in VQ Swaps into S13s and S14s. With the Vortech Supercharge,
the VQ35 puts out 500 horses and 550 ft/lb of torque, making it is one of
the most powerful drift machines out there in the drift circuits. The car
will debut at the D1 All Star Match in Las Vegas this weekend on July 14,

San Dimas Auto Racing has over ten solid years of road racing experience and
is highly respected within the racing community. Young firmly believes that
collaborating with the reputable San Dimas Auto Racing will help further his
chances to get to the podium.

In the last two years, Young had been plagued with car problems more than
half of the time he was competing. Nevertheless, Young still strived to
place himself in the top 20 within the last three years in the Formula Drift
series. He was also one of the eight US drivers to be selected to compete
in the inaugural D1 Grand Prix held at Irwindale Speedway in 2003.

Currently ranked 6th in the NOPI Drift Series, Young is eager to get to the
podium. As expressed by Young with confidence, “It’s about time to win!”

San Dimas Auto Racing and Hubert Young would like to thank the following
sponsors for their kind and continual support:

• San Dimas
• Sean Morris
• Vortech Superchargers
• Brian Crower Engine Parts
• JE Pistons
• Megan Racing
• RnD Factory
• Auto Meter
• Exedy Clutch
• KAAZ differentials
• RB Motorsports
• M1 Auto Body
• Benson Auto Wreckers

The plan was to go to D1 this weekend , but we ran out of time to get everything completed. It took a few more days than planned to get some of the parts that we needed back from where they were being held hostage.

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