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Aug 13, 2007

NOPI Chicago Cancelled

NOPI Motorsports is sad to announce the cancellation of the NOPI Drift event in Chicago this weekend August 18th and 19th. NOPI has received notification this morning from Toyota Park that they will not make the facility available for the NOPI Drift event in Chicago this weekend. NOPI believes that it has a valid contract with Anschutz Chicago Soccer Stadium, LLC, the owner of the facility, and the reasons for their refusal to allow the event to take place are still not clear. NOPI has instructed its attorney to take any and all action necessary to hold them accountable for their actions in refusing to honor their contract with NOPI. "We have been negotiating with Toyota Park since last October and they have even been selling tickets on their website. People from all over the country were scheduled to come to this event and we have invested tens of thousands of dollars in up front costs.", stated Michael Meyers, President of NOPI Motorsports, LLC.

T. Michael Martin, attorney for NOPI Motorsports, stated "We believe that we clearly have a valid agreement with the facility and their refusal to allow the event is a breach of that agreement and we will hold them accountable for their actions. NOPI will suffer serious financial losses because of this action and we take any and all actions necessary, including the filing of a lawsuit, to recoup those losses and the damage done to the reputation of NOPI Motorsports, LLC". Martin continued, "We believe that this refusal to allow the event may very well be political and has nothing to do with the terms of the agreement entered into".

This is something very new to NOPI, as they have never encountered anything like t


Ray said...

Something smells in Chicago... somehow I think that Daley and the Dems have something to do woth it... maybe Obama too.

Hubert said...

Well, we will all look forward to Atlanta with double points and double $$$!!!