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Aug 22, 2007

Redline movie

Awesome movie , totally unpredictable. Defies the laws of physics. Not at all sped up. Ahhhhh yeah.

Kind of like a bad B movie, or something that should have went straight to video. I am glad we waited until it came out on Netflix to watch it. This movie was really horrible. It could have just been an hour and a half of footage from a Hot Import Nights and been more interesting. The content would have been about the same. Some cars , women wandering around.

They really didn't need to speed up the film, to get the action they needed. They could have done a much better job of shooting the action shots of the cars. If the guys from Top Gear can get it right , why can't these guys ?

Physics. Someone needs to explain to those guys how the Carrera GT could go from hitting something on the right side of the road, into a flat spin in the air off the left side of the road , over a cliff. There is a minivan hit by a Corvette that kind of leaps up in the air from the back. It was really laughable at best.

I had to pick up the DVD cover to see how much more of the movie I had to endure at around an hour into it. I was ready to gouge out my eyeballs. One hour thirty three minutes , lost. I could have been sleeping, or watching C-Span.

I am a hardcore car fan , but this was just trash. If you want a cool Producer/Director guy crashing up some of his own cars - watch the "ORIGINAL" Gone in 60 Seconds - 1974. Now thats a movie for you. A little cheesy, but it was made in 1974, we can expect that.

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Merritt Johnson Morris said...

I want that part of my life back.