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Sep 25, 2007

Mistake on Nissans official GT-R site

For the 1999 GT-R, they say it debuts and takes a fourth win at Pikes Peak. In 1999 Motorex, UPRD, and Rhys Millen ran an R33 GT-R at Pikes Peak in HPSS and set a record.

As far as I know, an R34 never ran at Pikes Peak. There were Bests R33 - 400R that ran in a class up, and the R33 in 1999, but not an R34.


TxChristopher said...

Uhmmmm .... when I read it I understood it to mean it was its 4th win, as in it won for the fourth time. Are you saying they are claiming fourth place by saying it took its fourth win?????

Sean Morris said...

They say the car debuts and takes a fourth win. I say in 1999 it was an R33 that won HPSS overall finishing 1st.