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Oct 17, 2007

2009 GT-R Horsepower and 1/4 mile specs.

If you take the "official weight" of the 2009 GT-R 3836 lbs , and put it into a drag race calculator with the 11.7 number that Motor Trend has thrown around, you end up with 473 hp. The same HP number that has been give by Edmunds, and Autoweek.

This horsepower calculator figures horsepower at the flywheel. Still not sure how it exactly figures that, but its one of the first calculators that comes up on Google.

Drag racing calculator

Drag Times
3836 hp 11.7 seconds 116 mph

If you add a 170 lb driver to the car you are at 4000 lbs , and now it takes about 493 hp to go 11.7 seconds.

So what part of the whole equation is just the estimate ?

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