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Oct 10, 2007

Sumo Power Breaks 4WD Drag Record with FUUJIN GTR!

With a personal best for the car of 8.27 @ 164mph, we later run 8.40 @ 161mph and 8.45 @ 162mph which backs up the time in accordance to MSA regulations of claiming a 'record' ( two runs on the same day within 1% of each other ).

Andy Barnes, Driver and Sumo MD said :

' Regaining the 4WD record is a positive step for us and we are pleased to back on top after retiring our old car back in 2004 when it also held the record. FUUJIN's real development has only just started and bearing in mind the car has only ever run 4 times since we built it a year ago from new, 8.2 is a good result when we consider we are still only using 900bhp and intend to run in excess of 1200bhp in the latter stages of the cars development. Without doubt the most impressive part of the run is the 60 feet time which was 1.23 seconds proving that the new Toyo Drag slicks are working well with our setup, outperforming all other Japanese drag car competitors who are yet to realise the potential of these tyres '

FUUJIN's development continues and we intend to run the car again in the New Year as the weather will now limit the cars performance ( as it is winter time in the UK very soon ), giving us time to make some changes to the car and further increase the power of the HKS engine.

Andy added ' We are aiming for 2008 to be the year that we see the first 7 second pass from the car and that will be the new target and schedule for the car, it will be difficult but we will push hard to make FUUJIN quicker '

Thank you to all our crew and those who continue to help us, to see our sponsors and the parts we use to make FUUJIN a record breaker, please visit our website :

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