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Nov 27, 2007

R33 ATTESA ECU location

Self Diagnosis Procedure R33(GTR and Vspec) and R34(GT-R) not Vspec

1)Drive vehicle at 30 km/hr for at least 1 minute. Bring vehicle to a full stop. Do not turn off engine. Look at LED at top of control unit (red lamp). Note the number of times it blinks ON and OFF.

If two or more systems are malfunctioning, all warning lamps will blink ON and OFF

2) After completing required maintenance procedures, be sure to erase results of self diagnosis testing from memory

3) Once again drive vehicle at 30 km/hr for at least 1 minute. Check that the 4wd warning lamp and ABS warning lamp are off.

How to Erase Self Diagnosis results - R33 - R34

1) Remove cables from battery terminals. Also remove ETS/ABS control unit connectors.


silversr33 said...

Pretty sure that's the ABS ecu in that box slung above it.

Sean Morris said...

Above it is the Hicas ECU. The Attesa and ABS ECU are a single unit.