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Nov 16, 2007

So what qualifies you to tell me about the car I have listed on eBay ?

Ebay Listing

Idiots. The GT-R listing brings out idiots. If you are an idiot, don't send me a message on eBay. I'm not even going to send you a hat anymore.
Q: this is a skyline-GTS Nov-16-07
A: Is that a question or a statement ? Its a GT-R. The chassis number is BCNR33 . It has an RB26DETT in it. It is all wheel drive. It has aluminum hood and front fenders. Brembo brakes.

Serious ? This is a question. Telling me this R33 GT-R I have on eBay is a GTS ? Questioning my experience with GT-R's ? This slightly tweaked me....

Dear tyndago,

easy dude i ment to say its like a GTS because the engine is not twin turbo.

Ok , I responded I get not nice

Dear caifan_rockero,

This is a GT-R. It is twin turbo. When you have 7 years experience working on Nissan Skyline GT-R's , then you can talk , till then STFU.

Then he answers me...

Dear tyndago,

oh somebody got mad >.<>

Then I get really mad....

Dear caifan_rockero,

Are you an idiot ? Why exactly do you think this is not a twin turbo ? Does the toy car you have not have twin turbo ?

Do you need a picture of the engine - showing the "twin turbo" piping to prove to your feeble mind that this car is a twin turbo car ?

I work on these cars every single day. This car is a twin turbo car. STFU and go back into your hole.


Unknown said...

so yea man....

can i buy your GTS wheels for my GTR? and why wont they FIT? will you take 1700 shipped?

Hubert said...

OMG, this is absolutely annoying and stupid yet entertaining!!!

silversr33 said...

lmao. I guess he didn't see the twin t's on the end of that engine code? What are they commenting for anyway.
If I ever considered buying a GT-R sight-unseen off e-bay (pretty unlikely honestly) I'd at the very least be getting engine and chassis numbers to run through FAST, make sure it is (and always has been) the same car that rolled off the line.
But I think those guys are just annoying teenage rubberneckers lol.