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Dec 24, 2007

The Making of the 2001 Super Taikyu Winning Falken R34 Skyline GT-R N1

Shift Japan A buildup of a Super Taikyu , or endurance class R34 GT-R N1 in Japan by Shift Racing Japan for 2001. This car won the championship in 2001 over the Fujitsubo car, by 1 point. The Fujitsubo Nissan Skyline eventually made its way to the US , and was the first car that we ran in World Challenge GT in 2006. We had the pleasure of having Suzuki-San come to the US and help us with Igors R34 N1 before the first time we tested it at Willow Springs in 2005. Here are some more pictures of the build up of the Falken GTR at Shift. Click on the link above for their site.
R34 N1 interior stripped out and caged
Air jacks with carbon fiber covers
Cooler this looks like a rear differential cooler

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