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Jan 5, 2008

Chamco - Chinese made cars to be imported to the US

Orlando Sentinel

In 2008, Chamco Auto plans to become the first company to bring Chinese SUVs and pickups to the U.S. We are looking for an additional 60 highly qualified dealers who are projected to earn up to $3,300 gross profit margin for new vehicles!
Chamco is China America Cooperative Automotive, a New Jersey company that plans to import Chinese vehicles made by a small manufacturer called Hebei Zhongxing Automobile, which built fewer than 32,000 vehicles in 2006. Chamco has hired a long list of industry veterans, headed by Steve Saleen, a former Indy car race driver and builder of high-performance Saleen-tuned vehicles, mostly Ford Mustangs. Saleen also built the Saleen S7, a very-limited-edition, Ferrari-like sports car. Saleen's involvement guarantees a certain amount of attention for this fledgling company.

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