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Jan 15, 2008

Kaizo R34 GT-R Kit Car on Ebay

Kaizo R34 GT-R Kit Car on ebay

On an MSO and imported as a kit car. No engine/transmission is not a car to the NHTSA.

Kaizo Industries of Japan is an automotive unibody remanufacturer, who offer Kit Bodies, remanufactured and fitted with DOT glazing, brake components, passenger seat restraints, and structural reinforcements. Their kits are drive-train delete and thus sold as Kit Bodies. This car was one of several purchased and built for an advertising campaign. The car is titled and currently registered in the State of Florida. It runs extremely well and looks virtually new! The reserve price is set at $75K.


Anonymous said...

So, is this a street legal GT-R once an engine and drive-train are added?


Sean Morris said...

Street legal in some states. Not every state.