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Jan 14, 2008

Supaca imports - stealing information , and selling cars that aren't theirs

I had a look again at one of the guys that posted a response on my Supaca Imports information pages - Jahpan There was nothing there before , now there are about 16 different little blogs setup. You have to check out one of the "cars" he is trying to sell , and the information , that he copied and pasted from my vehicleimport blog. I think this kid wants to go heads up. Been a while , but its always fun.

#1 How to legalize a Skyline. Word for word , copy and paste from my site. If they weren't spreading false information, I wouldn't care , but since they are , I do.

#2 Skyline History - copy and paste from Wikipedia.

#3 Importing A-Z - copied and pasted from my sites.

#4 GT-R maintainance sic. (maintenance) - copied and pasted from my sites.

#5 This is the big one. Tuschiya R34 Vspec II. This is the Mines car video. And it has this under it.

$95,000 Tsuchiya R34 v spec II 4 more info :
So again , nothing but lies, and stolen information from these guys Supaca Imports. Nothing but lies.

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