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Jan 8, 2008

Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Team Falken partner up with Ford Racing

Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Team Falken partner up with Ford Racing

Vaughn Gittin Jr. is pleased to announce that he and Team Falken Tire have joined forces with Ford Racing. The all-American muscle machine that is the Ford Mustang and Falken's amazing RT615 tires have proven to be a threatening, competitive combination over the last three years with Vaughn behind the wheel. He is now thrilled to be a part of such an innovative American company - and Ford is equally as excited to have him.

"Ford Racing is excited to join Team Falken to support Vaughn's drifting program," says Jamie Allison, manager of Ford Racing Performance Group. "Not only is Vaughn a proven and accomplished competitor, having won the 2007 D1GP World Championship in a Ford Mustang, but he's a die-hard long-standing Mustang loyalist as well. His skills and outgoing personality are perfect complements to Mustang, and effective in reaching the young, expressive drifting audience with a strong Mustang and Ford Racing presence. We're looking forward to a great relationship."

"The support and genuine enthusiasm Ford offers their drivers and teams is simply amazing," says Vaughn. "I am honored to represent Ford Racing and officially become a part of their extensive motorsports heritage."

In other exciting news, Vaughn Gittin Jr. will be competing in a brand new Falken Tire Ford Mustang for the 2008 season. With everything that he and Team Falken have learned over the last three years compiled into a new Ford Mustang chassis equipped with Ford Racing parts, 2008 is without question going to be the strongest year ever.

Falken Tire Corporation has a new member joining the team - Ian Stewart of Autosport Dynamics - who has not only took on the task of building Vaughn's new Ford Mustang, but is also his new crew chief for 2008.

"I am absolutely ecstatic to be working with Ian Stewart," says Vaughn. "Autosport Dynamics does nothing but top notch quality work and he is simply a genius when it comes to car setup and communication with a driver. I really feel he is the icing on the cake in regards to the amazing support I receive as a driver."

Ian is equally excited to be working with Vaughn and the Falken Tire team this upcoming season. "I have watched Vaughn drive for the last couple years while I have been involved in drifting and he is incredibly talented," says Ian. "I have no doubt that together next year, we are going to make an unstoppable team."

There are many more exciting announcements in the works from Vaughn Gittin Jr. about the 2008 season, so be sure to stay tuned. Vaughn wishes everyone a Happy New Year!

Big ups for Vaughn. Even though he drives a Mustang now, his roots are deep in the import and Nissan community. Kicking ass at D1 in the Mustang is a sight to see. We can forgive the Mustang part. Now with Ford "factory backing" I only expect him to be able to improve upon his past achievements.

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