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Mar 28, 2008

1991 Nissan Skyline GT-R Stolen in Canada - Update - car recovered

Much props goes out to the guy that blocked the car in.

Be on the lookout for this car, chassis number and mods. The VIN is BNR32-212693 forums
It was stolen from Heritage Auto Sales in Calgary, Alberta - 7500 6th Street SE at about 1:00pm today - March 26th, 2008. A test driver that went on a permanent test drive.

Police reports have been filed and all ID on the guy was fake.

His description is the following:

White Male, approx 22-24 years of age. Heavy set guy probably weighing about 185-195lbs 5 foot 6 in height. Distinguishing features on him were he was missing his ring finger and middle finger on his left hand.....also had severe scarring on the top of his left hand. He had a piercing with a pointed stud on his right eyebrow. Light colored, short spiked hair. He went by the name Terrance.

He also had a friend driving a late model Acura TSX, silver in color with a damaged rear bumper. I don't have much for a description on this guy other than again, a white male 22-24 years of age about 6 foot tall weighing around 160lbs - slim build.

Any details that lead to apprehending the suspects or finding the missing vehicle will result in a cash reward.

Someone managed to see the car and take a picture of the thief.

The Claw gets arrested.

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Chevy HHR cold air intake said...

Nice update. Obviously, the claw didn't think he was gonna get caught.