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Mar 14, 2008

IH8OPEC license plate.

I posted this picture on my blog when I saw the car. Its my photo of a Prius I saw in a parking lot. I laughed at it. It was funny. Typical of someone that only thinks they know anything about oil, cars, and the environment. Today I got a response, so I will bring this to the top.

"Let me start by saying that your blog is fine. It is your opinion, but it is the photo of our car and plate that I object to.

As the new owner of this car I think it is rude to post a picture of our plate on your site!
I recently paid to transfer this personalized plate in the purchase of this car because I do believe there is too much power in OPEC and also because we thought it was funny. Believe me, I have seen worse bumper stickers that I do not agree with but, I move on and let someone have their opinion.
As the new owner, I think it is wrong for you to post our plate on your website just because you don’t agree with it. It is a state a licensed id and I’d appreciate you letting our family have our opinion and at least remove the picture from your site.

I assume you never asked the former owner his thoughts before you posted his plate on your site in 2007, but I welcome any dialog here. At the very least I believe you have “oversimplified” our view for the hate of a plate and that just isn’t fair."

So you are asking me to take the photo down, because you do not agree with my opinion? You are asking me to take down a photo of a personalized license plate, that is displayed on your vehicle while driving in public everyday, because I have an opinion on it ? Seriously, get over yourself and your Prius. Again. You are not saving the Earth by driving a Prius. You are not affecting OPEC.

Non-OPEC Fact Sheet

Non-OPEC countries (countries not members of OPEC - the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) produced 60 percent of the world's oil (total liquids) in 2004, down from 62 percent in 2003. Since 1970, non-OPEC production as a share of world total oil production reached a high of 71 percent in 1985 and a low of 48 percent in 1973, with a 60 percent average.

Of the 14 countries that produced more than 2 million bbl/d of total liquids in 2004, seven were OPEC members. The remaining seven were not OPEC members, including: the United States (the world's third-largest total oil producer for the year); Russia; Mexico; China; Canada; and North Sea countries Norway and the United Kingdom. It should be noted that the United States' total liquids production is boosted by the very large refinery gain that occurs there - over one million bbl/d in 2004.

You don't hate OPEC, you have no clue what OPEC even is. You have no clue as to who actually supplies your fuel. You need to get your head out of your rear end, and into the real world, where people live.

If you wanted to actually hate OPEC, you would drive a different car. You would not drive a Prius. You drive a Prius because its convenient, and trendy. You drive a Prius because your neighbor does, the people at Starbucks do, and the people in your Yoga class drive one. If you were actually serious about hating OPEC, you would drive biodiesel, you would drive electric, you would find another true option, however you are so hypocritical, you can, and did not. You might as well have a "Meat is Murder" bumper sticker and be downing McDonalds hamburgers like a competitive eater.


Unknown said...

This is great! I have a blog deicated to vanity license plates. Would you mind if I used this post on my site I'll be sure to add a link to your blog.

This is a must see.

Sean Morris said...

Sure, you can use my picture.

reeses pieces said...

I just saw this... LOL Starbucks and Yoga class? That lifestyle is not mine and so WAY out of our budget it is funny. Who can afford all of that? And who is "serious about hating..."? I originally remarked that I too thought the plate was funny and that I had memories of OPEC and its affect from the 70's and our dependency on oil in general. I am only a true hater on turnips... again, more memories from the 70's.

And we chose the vehicle to save $$$ on gas (reducing emissions while sitting in the drive thru is a plus).

I am not sure why you continue to dismiss the point that we are trying to save money and Not attempting to eliminate the use of gas completely. We are just trying to make ends meet these days by saving money on gas. I would have bought a Geo Metro or an old school Honda CRX if I could've fit everyone in there. No saving the world cape in sight.

BTW, the only burgers I eat "competitively" are In and Out Burgers (YUM) and I get my exercise by cycling and during a game of hoops or 3 when I get the chance (love it). The only other bumper stickers on our car is a parking pass for work and a diving symbol. And I am sure the closest Starbucks or McDonald's must be well over 10 miles away from my house... And I thought the removal of the photo was solved in my last response. The one with the Tesla Roadster in it, remember? I conceded and there is no need to remove.

C'mon Sean ... lighten up! You win remember?