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Mar 6, 2008

More from Supaca Imports- More names, more emails, more addresses

Tim Lee Goodman . AKA Lee AKA Tim Lee. Now we are getting somewhere.

Oh yeah? so what your native language is English so mine is. I speak
fucking ghettobonics if you understand me well. I wrote a hit song in
English I get checks from every month, and my English is college level
bitch. You should just back off and be a smart man like you are

I should back off. According this guy that speaks ghettobonics. So Tim Lee Goodman, if you want to step up on the white boy that speaks English, you better step right. You and your checks.

So then, lets talk about this guy from Yonkers , NY that sent you $5000 via Paypal to your account at

Heres an email from the guy from Yonkers. -

I still need to get my $5000 back from this scum bag.I dont know if he goes by tim lee or tim lee goodman?

What steps are you going to take now?

What steps am I going to take now ? Oh, it will be fun from here trust me.

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