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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Supaca Imports - They say they are a have an automobile retail license

You can go and check on a vehicle dealer on the DMV website.

So if we do a search for the address on Supacas website. I left the name blank, and just the city and Zip code - https://mv.dmv.ca.gov/olinq2/search.do

28 records matching the zip code. No Supaca Imports. No 6800 Center Drive address.

Lee , how many more holes do I have to tear in your website ? Are you ever going to threaten me again ? You think I take a threat against myself, and my friends lightly ?


Eric said...

Good morning. I came across your blog and was wondering if I could post a link or we could discuss a blog post about a Nissan Dealership in Ontario, California whose website I manage. Thanks very much, hope to hear from you soon and keep up the good posts!

Sean Morris said...

Eric you can email me at tyndago@gmail.com