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May 20, 2008

Left hand drive ( LHD ) Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 for Sale

Can't see too much from the pictures they posted. I wonder who did the conversion.


Blast Racing said...

"245/45/17 in front , 275/40/17 in rear... along with the All wheel drive ATTESSA system, which includes all wheel steering, and abs brakes."

Not only is it LHD, he's even figured out a way to run a staggered set-up on a GTR...Impressive...

Sean Morris said...

245/45/17 = 25.681

275/40/17 = 25.661

Actually it would be fine. It would just understeer more. Try to keep people away from a staggered setup, as its easier to screw up, and people not know the reason why.

For a GT-R makes more sense to run the same width all around. Otherwise need to run some super aggressive camber to make up for the lack of front grip.

Anonymous said...

The guy selling it is on and I beleive the conversion was done in Dubai.