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Jun 13, 2008

Update to Seized Skylines: Seven More Seized on the East Coast

Rumors are seven more Skylines were seized on the East Coast recently. More information to follow I wonder what the link is ? UPDATE: From UK GTR Forums.

"1) I think it came from japan according to the export certificate.
2) Dont know who imported it, i think the guys name was Andre or Franz or something.
3) Somone in florida registered it originally in the US for the guy i bought it from in Georgia. So the title went from florida to georgia.
4) Florida. i have a copy of the first title given to the car.

Well, the agents did say i am not the only one. They said they are seizing a lot of them."
Franz is Andre. Same guy. He had some more cars seized earlier in the year. R34's and S15. The Florida title guy ... have to wait and see. I probably know who it is.

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Unknown said...

leave the cars in my country till they complete 25years old.