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Dec 28, 2008

Dyno Tests Gone Wrong

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I put up a video of Essexs car a couple years ago.Its a 1000hp at the wheels car. XS took the front driveshaft out of it, to make it rear wheel drive. All wheel drive cars, big power all wheel drive cars on a dyno are a little sketchy. They move around a lot,you have to be careful. Just about one in ten people sees this video and says "thats not a GT-R, its a GTS, its rear wheel drive." Overall, doesn't really matter. The car laid down over 1000hp to the wheels,but it just irks me a little bit. Maybe more than a little bit.

400 hp Eagle Talon breaking a strap and coming off the dyno

A few more cars coming off the dyno. Another reason I like the Dynapack dyno. Take the wheels off and get them out of the way. They are quieter, and they stow nicely in the corner when you aren't using them. 1000hp car comes off the dyno. This one is pretty crazy. That block did about nothing to stop the forward progress of this car.

Marios old car. Walking up on the rollers.

Supra coming off a dyno

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Anonymous said...

"thats not a GT-R, its a GTS, its rear wheel drive."

Ah, yes...the "Skyline youtube experts" that you see in videos. You don't want to question these people, they practically built Skylines...[/sarcasm]