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Dec 21, 2008

Federally Legal Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 For Sale

This is a very clean R32 with low miles, and has been well cared for. This is a Motorex legal GT-R, with U.S. substitute VIN., bond release ect. It has been cleared to list on here through eBay. The VIN# is : BNR32-218918, so you can have it verified by the DOT. They can be reached at 202-366-5291


Anonymous said...

That's a nice R32, only I'm not trying to sound like a smart ass but I'm sure the R32 GTR never came in "Obsidian Black" paint, wasn't it produced in "Black Pearl Metallic"?

Is it a respray?

Sean Morris said...

The R32 GT-R's black color code is 732 - Black Pearl Metallic.

Some people come up with their own names for colors. Usually the US name is different. Looking it up 732 is Diamond Black Pearl.

There is a chance that its been repainted.