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Dec 11, 2008

Gary's R32 GT-R

A couple of videos of Gary's car autocrossing. The car is a twin TDO6 , 2.6 liter car. Lots of good parts in the engine. Gary's car is an original Motorex car. One of the last ones I did when I was at Motorex. Some of Gary's Pictures. The Mods:

Bottom End:
Stock Block (Bored/honed to 87.0mm)
R33 Stock Crank (Balanced/polished and checked for straightness)
Carillo Rods H-Beam, WMC Bolts
CP Pistons, 87.0mm, 9.0:1 Custom CR
ACL H-Series Rod Bearing Set, 19mm Wide, Nissan SR20DET, +.001
ACL H-Series Main Bearing Set
ARP Main Stud Kit
ATI Super Damper (Street)

Supertech Iconel Exhaust Valve, +1mm
Supertech Intake Valve, +1mm
Supertech Dual Valve Spring, 92in/82ex lbs on the seat
Supertech Titanium Retainer
Supertech Intake Valve Stem Seal, SR20DET
Supertech Exhaust Valve Stem Seal, SR20DET
ARP Head Stud Kit
Tomei Procam 270 cams 10.25mm lift (intake and exhaust)
Power Enterprise Grommet "Heavy Metal Head Gasket" T-1.1mm
Power Enterprise Super KEVLAR II timing belt
A’PEXi adjustable cam pulleys
Tomei metal intake and exhaust gaskets

More mods :

Engine Lubrication:
Tomei Oversize Oil Pump
GReddy deep sump kit
HKS Twin Oil Coolers with Filter Relocator and Thermostat Bypass
Calico Coated Pistons, Main Bearings, and Rod Bearings

RC Engineering 1000cc fuel injectors (matched set)
Two in-tank MKIV Supra Turbo fuel pumps with custom aluminum sump
GReddy fuel rail, two -6 AN inlets, one -6 AN return
Aeromotive adjustable FPR
Retrofit HICAS hard lines with dual -6 AN fuel fitting for duel fuel feed
Aeromotive -10 AN fuel filter

Engine Cooling:
Koyo 3-core all aluminum radiator (Modified with Moroso billet aluminum filler neck and 19-21lbs cap)
Nismo N1 Water Pump
Twin 12” electric fans with thermostat control

GReddy Intake Manifold
HKS 80mm hard piping kit – (modified to 100mm to accommodate GReddy intake manifold)
GReddy 3-core Intercooler
A’PEXi Racing Blow-off Valve
RaceMax Throttle Body Shaft Seals

Turbo and Exhaust:
Twin GReddy TD06L2-20G 8cm
A’PEXi Racing Wastegate
Custom 2 to1 downpipe to 95mm piping
Saurus stainless steel exhaust manifold
Twin Blitz power filter kit
JIC Magic Stainless Steel one-off 95mm Racing Exhaust
HPC HiPerCoat® Extreme coatings on turbine exhaust housings, exhaust manifold, wastegate housing, and downpipe

OS Giken "Crossmission" gear set
OS Giken triple plate clutch / flywheel
Nismo motor and transmission mounts
Essential HICAS lock-out kit

Suspension and Chassis:
JIC Magic FLT-TA2 racing coilover system - 12kg/9kg Front//Rear
Cusco Front Strut Brace
Cusco Adjustable Front Tension Rods

Power FC D-Jetro tuned by Mazworx
Greddy Profec B Boost Controller (Blue)
Greddy Turbo Timer (Blue)

18x9.5 Rare Hasemi Racing 18" Alloys (2 piece)
Tires 265/35-18 all around

Do-Luck Full T-2 Body Kit
Do-Luck T-1 Rear Wing
Nissan Racing Purple Paint

Cross racing seats
Autometer Pro-Comp Tach
Greddy Boost and Exhaust Temp Gauge
Alpine Stereo with Infiniti speakers

Cool Pix Nov 2008

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CGS cat back exhaust said...

Wow, I am amazed. It has great handling. What an amazing exhaust note it makes, too. I gotta give it to you guys.