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Dec 4, 2008

RB26 GT5591 Build Up

Not a GT-R, but still an interesting project.

A Garrett 5591 turbo on a GT Block in a 1992 240SX. Someone has quiet a bit of money in this build. It will be cool to see it run. Build list after the jump

GT Block
New Nissan head, CNC race ported by Endyn in Fort Worth Texas ( pictures on
- Power Enterprise F1 black bearings
- Carillo rods with Carr bolts
-Wiseco pistons, developed by Endyn to match the combustion chamber design of the
CNC-ed head
-Greddy 1.2mm drag head gasket
-JUN crankshaft
-JUN main studs
-JUN headstuds
-JUN metal gasket kit
-Tomei oil baffle
-Tomei oil galley restrictor
-Tomei camshafts 290/11.5 lift
-Tomei oil pump
-Tomei cam studs
-Supertech valves
-Supertech dual valve springs
-Supertech titanium retainers
-Supertech solid shims
-Bronze valve guides
-ATI crank dampener
-Carbonetic 2way diff
-Carbonetic triple disk clutch
-HKS timing belt
-Tial BOV
-N1 water pump
-Garrett GT5533R ball bearing turbo ( 155lbs flow, 91mm inducer, 133mm exducer)
-Custom designed twin scroll exhaust manifold with 2 Tial 44mm wastegates
-Weldon 2035 fuel pump
-Weldon fuel pressure regulator
-Aeromotive fuel sump
-Wilson 105mm throttle body
-JUN surge tank (intake manifold)
-6 x 1680cc injectors
-FJO water methanol injector kit for cooling
-Howe radiator mounted where the intercooler goes
-Motec M800 ecu
-Motec CDI8 ignition
-Motec E888 expansion box
-Motec EGT x6 sensors
-Motec sensors for water temps, ait temps, crank, pressures, etc
-Motec traction control setup

Should do a bit more than 1000hp. The Supra guys see 1500+ with this turbo on 3.4 liter engines.

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