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Feb 3, 2009

Focus Auto Sales R34 in the OC Register

The OC. The real OC. Jackos R34 GT-R.

In fact, owner Jacko Luong of Huntington Beach believes there are less than 20 of these in the U.S. He acquired this yellow beauty a couple of years ago through Costa Mesa-based Kaizo, which imported this right-hand driver from Japan.

One thing Luong especially loves about this car is the big power its relatively small engine puts out. “I love being the underdog,” he says.
There aren't that many R34's in the US. Around 20-30. Motorex did about 12. Then Kaizo, plus other imports. Somewhere around there.

Source : My Totally Hot Car


Anonymous said...

His R34 is amazing. I really like the lighting yellow color, suits the cars body style very well.

Unknown said...

I love that this GTR is different; I really appreciate the small touches that gives this car such a distinct flavor, i.e. the carbon fiber body kit. Nice touch... expensive parts for an expensive car.