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Feb 19, 2009

JDM Experts . Drift Tuners Using a New Name - Still Trying to Scam People

Drift Tuners are back, and trying to scam more people. Watch out. I have been in contact with several people that have given Drift Tuners and Jeremy Boddy money on cars and never got a car. This guy is just continuing to scam people and bilk them out of money. Don't let yourself be a victim to this guy.

Using the JDM Experts Name. And posting yesterday. $2k deposits on cars.

Slick official looking website. Don't get caught up in this scam.

Drift Tuners.


Anonymous said...

heres 2 more to add to the list: &
I sent in a large amount for a deposit to them and they just disapeared. all their info is very vague. now in the process of taking legal actions.

Barbara Delorge said...

Jeremy Boddy has gotten a whole lot of new names to use so that he can continue scamming people. His newest one is Delcore Global, they will even sell you a jet!! He is also using and many more. Please everyone, make sure you find out the person you are dealing with and if it is Jeremy Boddy, then run for the hills!!!

frank said...

jdmcarlot is kendall knoble,kid was a clown since day one.never imported ,never titled.HE talked like he did everything.another kid who needs to be found in a ditch.with Jeremy and Dustin

Barbara Delorge said...

I need to correct something on my previous post. is NOT one of Jeremy Boddy's companies. They have nothing to do with Jeremy or any of his companies. rarely imports cars, they mainly source cars that are already in the states or help customers sell their cars. Sorry for the confusion. But as always, be very careful when buying a vehicle online, check them out thoroughly!!