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Mar 18, 2009

Essex 1043 whp Dynochart

I posted the video of Essex's car up on You Tube a few years ago. Its just a video of the car running on the dyno, rear wheel drive. On a GT-R its pretty easy to make rear wheel drive. The safe way for an R33 or R34 is to remove the front drive/propshaft. The Nissan Skyline GT-R all wheel drive system is called ATTESA. Some ATTESA information.
About 50% the comments say its a GTS, because its running rear wheel drive. About 25% ask about the lights, which I have no idea over , and the other 25% say it doesn't "sound like 1000hp." Theres the dyno chart.

1043 whp. Not too bad.

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Matt Niese said...

The dyno vids are great! I'm Matt, Mike's friend. I met you on Friday at edgewater. (I was the one with the red leather jacket)

I may have to chat with you sometime about legalities of these things so I can further my understanding.