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Apr 27, 2009


This is our first movie trailer for "Mischief: Joy Ride". This movie will be the seventh installment of the best selling "Mischief" street racing series created by Dustin Worles.

Description (not the final): The Mischief Crew are invited to compete in the 2007 Joy Ride Rally. A high-end rally, similar to the famous Gumball 3000, that takes 60 exotics from Santa Monica, California and to New Orleans, LA. The six day rally travels through Scottsdale, Las Cruces, Austin, and Houston. The Mischief Crew shows up in their rally-battered Porsche 996 and new Lamborghini Murcielago.

With exotics driving at speeds of up to 205mph on public highways, police are put on full alert across the country and some participants pay the price for ignoring the posted speed limits. By the rally's end, most participants drop out but the Mischief Crew continues on the run and tries their best from not getting arrested.

"Mischief: Joy Ride" will also feature Dado drifting his turbo M3 in Michigan, the 2006 French Quarter Classic Ferrari event, several other car drives, the 2007 Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit, the 2007 Sema show, the 2007 Palm Beach Supercar Weekend, and the 2007 Cavallino Classic Concorso d'Eleganza car show. The usually crazy car stunts and skits that makes "Mischief" so popular will not be left out!

This 90+min movie was shot in HD and will be available in surround sound and on Blu-ray. "Mischief: Joy Ride" is scheduled be completed in SUMMER 2008. This will be the best "Mischief" yet! More info at

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