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Jul 3, 2009

1994 California Legal Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 For Sale : SOLD

Edit: this car has been sold, if you are looking for a car, email me


This is a 94 nissan skyline gtr. I believe a late model which has the updated crank collar for a wider drive for the oil pump. It’s also a pull style transmission, same as r33. Cant really know unless you remove the pan and pump and make sure. The car for sale is a legitimate California legal car. It has the CARB label. I purchased this car roughly 1-2 years ago from an older gentleman in Burbank, CA. The car was mostly stock besides the hks shroom filters and turbo timer. It even had one of the modified exhaust to pass smog, a LOT of cats. The stock turbos have ceramic exhaust wheels and are known to snap off. I went with simple mods and to keep the engine bay as discreet as possible. To keep it as a true California car. All mods are new and have less than 400 miles. The car is currently untuned as I’m breaking in the clutch but will schedule tune in mid to early July, unless buyer wants it done sooner. Should make at least 450-500awhp, may go more but don’t want to on a stock internaled motor. I have receipts for most of the stuff. The r32 gtr has a removable fuse to make it full time RWD, in addition, I added a 4WD controller which allows the car to act more 4WD-ish during turns. I’ll let the pictures and mod lists say the rest.

the bad:

-radio doesnt work, turns on but no sound
-drivers side rear c pillar panel unwrapping itself
-drivers side rear fender has a quarter sized blemish because the wing is rubbing it, not visible when trunk is closed
-passenger side front fender missing side skirt garnish
-hicas light flickers but who needs 4 wheel steering
-wheels are pretty bad, scuffed and ugly
-speedometer starts at 15mph

-drivers side window seal slightly torn

mods: the goal was to keep it all discreet to keep it “California legal”

-ngk bcpr7eix (12 new replacements as well)
-mobile 1 10w30 charged every 2000 miles
-tomei poncam 260 w/ 9.15 ex type b
-tomei poncam 260 w/ 9.15 in type b
-shims checks and in recommended range

-koyo radiator
-nismo adjustable fpr (stock as well)
-sard 800cc fuel injectors (stock 444cc as well)
-tomei in-tank 276 lph fuel pump (stock gtr pump as well)
-gates timing belt
-tensioner and idler replaced
-n1 water pump
-DCB heavy duty clutch - extreme single plate (very easy to modulate)

-new nissan throw out bearing
-gt2860r-10 dbb (x2)
-1 bar actuators (x2)
-ported stock cast exhaust manifold (less prone to cracking than tubular)
-nismo air flow meters (x2)
-stock airbox (no cop bs)
-modified/divided twin turbo pipe (reduces lag and shuffle and increases resposne)
-power fc stand alone
-pfc boost control kit
-pfc commander (got the wrong one, waiting on new one to arrive)
-blitz bov kit in stock location (x2)
-skylab 4wd controller
-suede inserts in doors, shift gaiter, ebrake gaiter
-attain carbon exhaust shield
-seibon carbon hood (stock available as well)
-trust downpipes
-sard catless torque valve
-hks hi-power exhaust

-hawk HPS pads up front

-spectra pads in the rear
California Legal R32 GT-R For Sale.

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