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Jul 10, 2009

New Jersey Suspending Titles of Non- DOT/ EPA Compliant Cars

Over at Supraforums, a member posted up the following.


FYI, if you are own a Skyline or any imported non US compliant car in NJ, NJ DMV is going through their database to do visual inspections and document inspection, NHTSA and EPA paperwork, if they are not provided they are suspending the registrations and titles.
How do I know? I have a friend who received the letter and spoke with DMV.

Based on the information I have recieved over the last few weeks, I think that the government is going after all imported and non-compliant vehicles in the US. The state titled cars, the kit cars, parts cars , every car.  I had some doubts until I saw this latest post. It seems like this will be very big, and affect a lot of people, and a lot of cars.


Source: Supraforums

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