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Aug 8, 2009

Nissan Skyline – Fully Legal for $3000

Here are some caution words.  Found this over at Zilvia forums.  I don’t have too much of a  problem with the car, I have a problem with the words the seller uses - “fully legal”,and only for $3000.  That is simply not possible.  This person can maybe get a title for this car in some state for $3000 , but the car is not “fully legal”.  Possessing something, does not make it legal. 
This state titling thing seems to be confusing to most people.  They assume that because they are titling a car, its legal.
If this car was imported as a complete car, and they bypassed Customs, DOT-NHTSA , EPA regulations, then the car may have been able to be titled, but its not legal.    Offering the service to “legalize” and title the car as a Nissan Skyline is just not legal.
With all the current goings on with the Kaizo investigations, and New Jersey investigations, maybe these guys aren’t that smart. Probably not.  There was even this R32 GT-R in Texas from a while ago that was seized by Homeland security.
The car they are selling is a GTS R32.  Maybe a $2000 car in Japan. Shipping, and getting a title for it costs, but its still just a GTS. You would be better off with at US legal 240 for that kind of money.  No matter what you do, this thing is still a GTS.


Anonymous said...

Look closer at the listing. It is not just a plain, jane GTS. The car being offered is a GTS-T Type M which is the top of the line model, one below the GTR. This model is the drifters version, and considered to be one of the best drift machines the Skyline ever made because it was rear wheel drive, all wheel HICAS steering, and was super light, even lighter than R33 and R34 models. The type M gave it all the goodies and an active spoiler. So no, you can't buy this car for $2k in Japan and yes, this car would be worth ALOT more than a US 240sx.

Next time, look a little closer and know your models.

Jim said...

GTS-T Type-M are $500-2000 in Japan!! They are NOT super light. I crushed one when I got bored with it. It wasn't worth my time to sell. It's worth $0 in the USA if it's illegal.