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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Nissan Skyline GT-R’s for Sale

We always are watching eBay auctions, looking at the cars that come up for sale. Here are a couple of interesting ones.

The first car is a US DOT, EPA, and California legal R32. The next is an R34 from Canada, that someone managed to get some paperwork on.
For a US and California R32 GT-R, the Buy it Now price on this car is about right. In the $40,000 range. This car can be driven and registered in any state. No state legal, or parts car here with this R32 GT-R. It used to be up, but its no longer up. Ebay has a habit of taking GT-R auctions down. However, the US legal cars, they normally take down, the other cars like the R34, they manage to keep up.

Its always humorous to me, how people assume when they are able to get a title or register a car that everything is ok. Canada allows cars over 15 years old, and this R34, well they started in 1999. Not yet 15 years old. So how do you get it registered ? VIN Swap ? Friends in the right places ? Guess we won't find out. At 105k though, this guy is way out there on a price for a not legal R34. If the car were closer to say $35k, it might be around correct.
So as always, buyer beware. Know what you are buying. Real cars have real paperwork.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure this is the r34 that Drift Tuners brought into Toronto. An hour from there shop. It is legaly registered and was inspected by Transport Canada. I know the guy selling it.

Sean Morris said...

So, you are saying that someone imported and legalized an R34, but no one else can do it. These guys are special? They know something everyone else doesn't ?

How about VIN swap, or illegaly representing the car. Thats the way they did it.

Its not magic to get registration for a car, but I am sure they don't want anyone investigating that car. I can point some authorities in the right direction, and tell them what to look for if you insist its legal.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget we are talking about Canada, it's different then the U.S. Eduard Masich is the owner of the car. I'm must point out that the 15 year rule enforced by Transport Canada is a “rule”, not a law. Each imported car is on 1 case per case bases and can be challenged without any court procedures, simply a review with the TC board. I personally have had conversations with Transport Canada on the issue and that info was confirmed when I was also looking to importing a car the same way as the R34. I know of 4 R34's in Canada including the R34 used for drifting on drift tuners website located in Canada, competing in DMCC. Every car brought in has to be inspected by Transport Canada and approved before you get the release forms so you can register the car. You cannot register a JDM without the inspection (Form 1) at a customs office, also the R34 has the original vin plate that was documented on form 1 not to mention you can’t get the customs clearance and form 1 without the original Export Certificate which indicates the vin, year and make of the car for which customs match that information on the manufacture’s label on the car along with the vin plate. The way around the “15 year Rule” challenge it with Transport Canada, it’s not that hard and doesn’t need an attorney nor any other complicated resources, just simply a letter to challenge. I have seen things online about drift tuners and not sure about everything but I do know that there process is longer for some cars and can be misinterpreted as a customer never receiving their car, but in time they do after going through there channels from what I’ve seen with buddies I know who have bought from them. You guys should challenge your Government on the issue, there are many Government violations in both our law and rules and your law and rules that invade consumer’s right to spend their money where they wish.

Anonymous said...

You can’t swap the vin, when you import a car from Japan into Canada the export certificate has to match the vin on the car - inspected by customs prior to entry into Canada. If your suggesting the vin was swapped afterwards after entry well that doesn’t explain the Form 1 that is needed to register the car that for which has to be notarized by a customs officer unless your suggesting the customs officer was paid under the table to sign the document. You can’t register a JDM car at the MTO office without the form 1 and you can’t get Form 1 without customs matching the vin with the car and the export certificate at the time of importation and the release of the car to the owner. As for illegally representing the car again it’s not possible with Canada’s process. You can’t fake the export document issued by the Japanese government for which the original is needed nor fake the vin to match that document also illegally representing a car is a action after the fact of importation prior to registration therefore the explanation above would tell you that it’s simple not possible.

Anonymous said...

If the OBDII system is a requirement for emission purposes then how is it that Motorex cars don’t get seized under the clean air act? Dose the system exist on their car? Is there really a difference between the Motorex cars to recently imported Skylines besides a piece of paper? Sounds fishy to me.

Anonymous said...

Is this one legit? Seems to have the right things (door jab sticker, vin plate, etc), but the price seems off for a motorex car.


Sean Morris said...

The car is correct, but the listing, with 0 feedback, and what looks exactly like another listing I have seen a while ago, seems like its a scam. Price is very low for a legit R33. They probably are just looking for a deposit, then will take off.