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Sep 9, 2009

From MotoIQ : 1000 hp GT-R's in Australia

R32-runway Eric Hsu over at MotoIQ posted a link to this video of a few R32 , R33, R34, and R34 GT-R's doing some 0-400, and 0-800 meter runs.


Sources : MotoIQ



Rick said...

Only 234km in the 400-meter?...I can do 160km in only 150-meter at 5.4 sec. Okinawa, Japan baby!

Sean Morris said...

234 km is 145 mph in the quarter. Thats a 9 second car.

99 mph in the 150 meter. I don't know how that translates but 100 in the 1/8th mile is pretty quick. Probably 105-108 in the 1/8th mile which is a 10 second car.