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Sep 11, 2009

R34 GT-R or is it an R32 GT-R ?

I stumbled across this on Facebook. Its an R32 GT-R in Canada that's been converted to look like an R34 GT-R. Backwards if you ask me. All the good stuff is underneath an R34.

And in typical all show, no go, Replica LMGT4 wheels. Boo...thumbs down.

Check out Jeffs R32.4, if you want to see an R34/R32 done correctly.


Anonymous said...


Mike said...

Lots of work put in to that car I believe. At least done with respect and care using proper panels not FRP? Ignorance is bliss?

Donnnie said...

are you kidding me, your ragging on this beautiful conversion ??

your opinion is an ignorant joke, talkin bout backwards.... all the pieces you see on that car are legitimate OEM nissan R34 GTR pieces, not some cheap replica knockoff parts..... you're looking at the whole thing backwards dude.... this car represents the BEST of the BEST, reps the legendary R32... skips the gheyness of R33 and jumps right into an instant legend that is the R34....

I don't think you'll get too many people to agree with you on this, and anybody that hates on this representation of the legendary GTR cannot call himself a car enthusiast in my opinion.

you're bashing it like this is one of those Pontiac Fiero Ferrari conversions or something..