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Sep 3, 2009

Two Kaizo R34's sitting in a Storage Yard Near San Diego

Over at Supraforums someone posted this picture of two of Kaizos cars sitting at an impound yard near San Diego. The poster was told "they were going to crush them".

Charges have still not be brought against Kaizo, and in an interesting turn of events, these cars were not actually owned by Kaizo when they were seized. They were scheduled to be exported from the US . We are not going to disclose who the owner of these cars are, but it will probably come out in due time.


The blue R34 is the "hero" car from Fast and Furious 4, and the red car is a GTS with GTR fenders and an RB26.


Unknown said...

wow, my heart is just breaking for Daryl. i know of another R34 that sat in an impound lot forever and just got basically raped while it was sitting there. the hood was popped and items under the hood were jacked. the rear carbon diffuser was jacked. the GTR emblem on the rear was gone of course. the GTR emblem on the steering wheel was also taken. You have to buy a new airbag to fix that. Daryl can demand that based on the value of the property the cars be put in a more secure and indoor facility. Customs will do this for cars they confiscate at the border. Don't ask me how I know this.

Anonymous said...

"The blue R34 is the "hero" car from Fast and Furious 4, and the red car is a GTS with GTR fenders and an RB26."

lol man know your shit. The Red R34 is not a GTS, they didn't make a GTS as an R34, it would be a 25GT-GTT model with the NEO engine - 2.5. Also that photo is a GTR for the 2 of them.

Sean Morris said...

The Blue car is a GT-R. The Red car is not a GTR. I don't care about any of the other Skylines enough to call them anything but a GTS. GTT, whatever, I don't really care. Its not a GT-R, its a womens Skyline. Pretty simple in my book, GT-R's, and GTS(wether its a T, or anything). The car, the red car, which you have not seen, and you know nothing about, is a GTS with all GT-R parts on it, including the engine. Unless you know the build, and have seen the car, I suggest you keep your mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

Wow you are an idiot, for a guy who supposedly knows a lot about Skylines no matter what you think YOU are WRONG in calling it a GTS as Nissan only made a GT, 25GT, GT-X, GT-V, GT-FOUR, GT-T, GT-R, GT-R V-Spec, GT-R V-Spec II, GT-R V-Spec II Nur, GT-R M-Spec, GT-R M-Spec Nur, GT-R NISMO R-Tune and GT-R NISMO Z-Tune. So do you actually know anything or just because you worked with Motorex you think you do? You're lucky you didn't get busted when the investigation was going on back in the day with Hiro.

Sean Morris said...

I have made it very clear in the past, I only care about GT-R's. I don't care about GT, GTS, or whatever you want to call them. I don't deal with them, I don't care about them. Only GT-R, thats it. The rest of them are for women, and I could care less. Its not being an idiot, its just not caring.

Unknown said...

To Anonymous:
What is the point of attacking someone you dont know, for semantic technicalities?
Wow, for a know it all asshole, you sure are a dickhead.

Craiglieberman said...

No kidding. An anonymous post by another keyboard commando. Sean has been the sole source of GTR information and has done so without financial motivation. Your comment was rude and your anonymity is cowardly. Very unfortunate choice of words. The GTR situation us tragic and this is why I hold the State of California in such contempt.

Anonymous said...

i don care what model it is, the red car is beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, forget that our borders are open while illegal aliens invade our country and bring drugs. Forget about drug smugglers, forget about real crime -- let's just focus on what people drive.

Upside down world we live in...

Sean Morris said...

"Yeah, forget that our borders are open while illegal aliens invade our country and bring drugs. Forget about drug smugglers, forget about real crime -- let's just focus on what people drive."

Cars are easy to go after. People register them. They pay taxes on them. Use, sales and registration tax.

There is documentation on them. They are a big item. Hard to "hide", and most people are proud of them, so they show them off.

Why go after hard to find things, with "bad" guys that might shoot or fight back like drug smugglers and dealers. Go after non-violent car guys, that just want something unique.

Anonymous said...

why the hell are the hoods on those cars popped? Why would that be? None of the other cars look like they've had employees looking around under there! What gives?

There seeems to be some reason why the government treats Skyline owners so horribly. What is it about these cars??

It's really kind of crazy

Anonymous said...

the hoods are popped "probably" because the Chassis number is located under the hood. they do not use "VIN" numbers in japan, and do not display the Chassis number on the dash, like we do here. with a vin number the "man" can trace a car, and know the owner without evening having to violate his 4th amendment (undo search and seizure of papers and property). Since property does not have the same privvie as an individual, it can be seized and held, and owner needs to prove it's innocent of crime. IE why a car can be towed and put in "jail/pound" BEFORE it has been brought in front of judge to see if it really was parked illegally or plates were REALLY expired..
I will give Sean his props,I almost went with bigger twins, and he said "hell no! stick to HKS 2530's, they're the perfect turbine for street use!" I followed his suggestion and loved every moment of it. I have talked to him on the phone and used his expertise many times. he is a great guy.
Before all this Motorex stuff went down, I had talked to Motorex and ALMOST sent them my money, but they were kinda sketchy, didn't always answer their phone, didn't have exact dates or numbers or anything for me. I ended up getting a GTR into the US using non legal means, i did it ALL myself, and had to fly 1000's of miles and drive 1,000's of miles thru countries known to kill people for under 100 dollars... NO I won't tell anyone how I did it, nor will I say where I am. PERIOD! I am a DRIVER and LOVE my GTR! but after all I have seen about this motorex stuff, I can say in hindsight, I was 100% correct, and I would have lost my 65,000 dollars to Hiro and his coke/drug/partying habit anyways. so at least this way even if I lose my baby to some a'hole local pd who gets a hard on for my car or whatever, at least I've had the privvie of driving a supercar for 8 years, siezing bearings, pulling it's motor 3 times,bending valves, pulling its head 5 times... getting parts from ALL over the world, talking to people in Aust', UK, Japan, NZ attempting to find a specific part, played with it's interals.. blownin it up.. rebuilt it, pulled it back apart to upgrade this or that part. It HAS been an experience I would not trade for the WORLD!!! Sean flammed me on a board in aussie land when i complained about some things I discovered on my car, because I bought it used, of course. but he was just making a point that buying from company (Motorex) would have given me recourse.... I must say, I would NOT have had recourse had I given Hiro my money, and things ended like they did... I would have been out my life savings AND the refi I did on my house to get the car I wanted! At least I can say "yeah, I don't have any money BUT I got to experience what's it's like to own and drive and see in MY garage a supercar! a car that can go 0-60 in 3 seconds(yes, mine does!) and corners like a go cart(1.10 skid pad, yeah I tested it) its amazing! AND yet STILL has the room for a double date to the clubs downtown! I STILL get more looks and praise than the guys with the new GTR ...even when we're parked right next to each other.. I've been filthy and covered in oil and gotten so mad at my car.... its as bad as being married to a supermodel.... she's a beatch... but when she's done up right, you look like a pimp!!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

If the Kaizo owners had bought the car and never registered or titled it and just kept it as a dedicated track car, they'd still be in trouble because they'd have been tracked down during the investigation.

However, if you get a gtr into the US either as parts or "whatever" and never title or register it, I think nobody would ever know about it and you would be able to keep the skyline. Theres a guy at the track i go to that did it this way and has been enjoying his r34 since 2001 and kicking all our asses for years. He looks really good doing it too.

Thats all good as long as you never get busted, but not unlike the guy who says his gtr is like having a supermodel, you always have to worry that someone is gonna try and take her away from you.

It's not as much like dating a supermodel as dating a wanted fugitive, though. It's illegal and the possibilty of being deported or captured will always be there.

All you need is one jealous asshole to blow the whistle on you and its all over. Just look at all the JDM car forums. They're teeming with people who would love to see your car C R U S H E D!!!

If I were the supermodel guy, I would keep it on the super duper down low and not flaunt it at all.

Anonymous said...

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Car is flawless and comes with all paperwork.
Take it to the track, and then take it out for an evening at the nightclubs, with no worries!

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Cole said...

Will they ever go up for sale on the Manheim auctions?

Funny to see 09 GTR's on the auction block for 20k less then the dealers want...

Erik M Jacobs said...

"Cars are easy to go after. People register them. They pay taxes on them. Use, sales and registration tax."

Makes perfect sense coming from the idiots in Washington government. Let's spend federal tax dollars to prevent State and Local governments from being able to collect revenues on vehicles that don't hurt anyone.

I'm not saying that what Kaizo did was right or not. I just like pointing out when our federal government does stupid things.

gate valves said...

I have this old issue of Superstreet were Craig Lieberman's skyline is on the cover.. and it kinda looks line this car..

skylineztune said...

Sean morris, you retarted the blue one is a gt-t it dont even got a rb26dett get your facts right it dont even got a gtr body you know nothng about skylines

Sean Morris said...

@skylineztune. You are right, I know nothing about Skylines. However, I know about every damn thing about GT-R's. And this my idiot friend poster, is a GT-R. The red car is a GT something, with an RB26 swap. The blue car was a GT-R, I know I worked on it during the Fast and Furious 4. There were also about 5 replicas of the car made on regular Skyline chassis with GT-R bodywork.

Please don't try and correct me, you don't know shit.