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Oct 5, 2009

Some more behind the scenes pictures - Fast and Furious 4

Fast and Furious 4 R34 GT-R and Paul Walker
A buck is a part of a car that the production companies use to film interior car scenes.  In the case of Fast and Furious 4, I was a technical advisor for the insert unit. This mostly entailed doing hands and feet. Pretending to shift. Pretending to mash the throttle, jam on the brakes. Kick the clutch.  Spent about a week doing it.  Was a fun time.  Sorry all shot with an old phone, in the olden days of digital photography. Sorry no iPhone X, more like Treo 650. 

One complete BMW one buck BMW

Feet, and a S14 buck

S14 buck

GT-R buck, no steering wheel. Wrong cluster

We need NOS!!!

GT-R buck, actually a S14

Filling someones shoes

Filling some more shoes

GT-R buck on a platform

David Freiburger's F-Bomb

GT-R buck, wrong cluster

Green screens and bucks

Closer shot of a buck

Buck on a platform

A couple background cars. R32, and R33

R34 GT-R

Wearing more shoes

A different set of shoes

If I am going to wear the shoes, pants, and shirt, I am going to wear the chain, wig and hat too. 

Green screen

Josh loading up R33

Warehouse scene

Paul Walkers actual R34 GT-R

Warehouse scene

Warehouse scene

Warehouse scene

GT-T sans engine

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