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Jan 24, 2010

Bad Batch of Engines Sends 309 GT-R’s in For Repair in Europe


There has been some buzzing in some of the European forums about a bad batch of VR38DETT engines in vehicles in Europe. The crankshaft bearings in early left hand drive cars have had an issue, and 309 cars are being recalled, engines and all ancillaries replaced, and returned to the owners. The affected vehicles are only in Europe, and this engine replacement does NOT affect the US, Japan, or the UK. 


- Nissan has identified a problem with crankshaft bearings in the earliest left-hand drive EU cars.
- There are 309 vehicles affected and the owners of each one is being contacted directly.
- These cars will have their complete engines replaced as well as ancillaries such as turbos and even oil cooler.
- This will occur at three locations which are the HPCs in Sweden and Greece for local markets and a new Amsterdam special facility for all mainland Europe.
- The following markets are NOT affected: US, Japan, UK.


Source : forums

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