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Feb 19, 2010

Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Specifications and Production Information

EV1 - Lightning Yellow

R34 is the reference that is used to refer to the 1999-2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R. The R34 GT-R was the third generation of the RB26DETT powered modern Nissan Skyline GT-R. In 1989 Nissan brought out the R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R that introduced the RB26, and their advanced all wheel drive system called ATTESA. The R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R used the same engine and transmission as the R32, but the chassis was changed, stiffened, and the ATTESA system was improved. For the R34 the engine was still the RB26, but the transmission was swapped for a six speed from Getrag, the V160.

There were 11577 R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R produced 1999-2002.  There has been some wrong information floating around for years from GT-R Magazine. Same information we used. However the 12,175 number was wrong.  GT-R Registry to the rescue with some real numbers pulled from multiple sources. 


These are registrations, and adds up to : 11577 cars

Normal(Series I and II)  - 3977
Vspec - 4192
Vspec N1 - 38
GB - 80
Singapore -10
Vspec II - 1855
Vspec II N1 - 18
NZ Vspec II - 2
M-Spec- 366
Vspec II Nur - 717
Mspec Nur - 285

BNR34 N1  Super Taikyu Race Car

Production Dates

1st model 1-8-1999
Vspec 1-8-1999
Vspec N1 1-8-1999
2nd model 8-26-2000
Vspec II 8-28-2000
Mspec 5-8-2001
Nur 2002

There were several different versions of the R34 Skyline GTR. From the early edition first produced in 1999, to the Z-Tune from Nismo in 2005, there were 10 different versions.  There were 750 Vspec II Nur's produced, and 250 Mspec Nurs produced right at the end of the production run in 2002.

* Early
* Late
* Vspec
* Vspec N1
* Vspec II
* Vspec II N1
* Mspec
* Vspec II Nur
* Mspec Nur
* Z-Tune
Z-Tune R34 GT-R from Nismo. Only 20 were produced

Nissan Skyline GT-R prices when new

* GT-R 4,998,000 yen
* Vspec 5,598,000 yen
* N1 5,998,000 yen

1-8-1999 Midnight purple II (300)
* GT-R 5,298,000 yen
* Vspec 5,898,000 yen

1-7-2000 Midnight purple III
* GT-R 5,148,000 yen
* Vspec 5,748,000 yen

* GT-R 5,048,000 yen
* Vspec II 5,748,000 yen
* N1 6,098,000 yen

* Mspec 5,950,000 yen

Vspec II Nur  6,100,000 yen
MSpec Nur 6,300,000 yen

Z-Tune 17,700,000 yen

BNR34 Color or Paint Codes

The campaign color of the R34 Skyline GT-R was the popular TV2 - Bayside Blue. Its named Bayside, for the popular roads near the bayside of Tokyo.

TV2 - Bayside Blue

QM1 - White
KR4 - Sonic Silver
KV2 - Athlete Silver
GV1 - Black Pearl

AR2 - Active Red

EV1 - Lightning Yellow

LV4 - Midnight Purple II(Only 300 produced)
LX0 - Midnight Purple III

Why is the color called Midnight purple? Check the link out for the most likely answer.

WV2 - Sparkling Silver
QX1 - White Pearl
EY0 - Silica Breath

JW0 - Millennium Jade
R34 Chassis/VIN Numbers
  • BNR34-000001 (first production chassis/ VIN number)
    • BNR34-000051(first car in FAST)
    • BNR34-000105-000200 are missing in FAST
    • BNR34-005866 (Last 1999)
    • BNR34-007131 (Last early 07/2000)
  • BNR34-400001 (first late R34, new factory 09/2000)
    • BNR34-400597(last 2000)

  • BNR34-404495(last production Vspec II, 8-29-02, WV2)
  • BNR34-404483(last production Mspec, 8-28-02, EY0)


Suspension and Alignment settings for Nissan Skyline GT-R. R32, R33, and R34.

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R34 GT-R Specifications and Production Information


Anonymous said...

Do you know how many MNP III's were built?

Sean Morris said...

I do not know, but I will see if I can find out.

Anonymous said...

There's a few details missing from the Nismo side; before the Z-tune, there were the R-Tune and S-Tune models. The R-Tune (judging by the "R" of course) was a more race-oriented model, while the S-Tune was the more street-oriented model.