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Mar 17, 2010

8 Second Street Trim GT-R From Australia

Down in Australia, this R32 GT-R has been turning some 9 second, and now 8 second passes at the dragstrip. It does it a little differently, with a Nissan RE403A automatic transmission.  The fast way down the track for drag racing, in this time range is an auto transmission.  They have losses, but they load the car, and keep it in boost between shifts. The costs compared to the air shifted or sequential transmissions is much lower.
post-a266146-gtr-003 Motive Video - in car from the test day

Testing the transbrake.

This Nissan Skyline GT-R weighs in at 1601kg with driver or (3529 lbs). The car runs a set of HKS 3037 turbos, and a Motec M800 ECU. The claimed power output is 650 KW(871 horsepower) at the wheels. Looking at the engine, and checking out the relationship of the idler pulley to tensioner pulley, it looks like the engine is an RB30.   They are supposedly going to put up some better videos soon. This video is from a phone. Check out the timeslips below.
8.94 RH9
8.96 RH9
Nice runs.  Way to go.
Source: Skylines Australia Forum


Anonymous said...

wow! question, if its an rb30 how did it clear on the 32 with a stockish looking hood?

Sean Morris said...

RB30 clears fine. No problems with the hood.

Anonymous said...

oh i see. thanks! reason for my concern was reading this thread

and another one from a canadian gtr site.

Sean Morris said...

Its that hood and turbo that cause the issues. Look how much lower those hood vents sit.