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Mar 2, 2010

World Challenge Preparation: Scion tC : 16 Days

16 Days left.  More things getting done. Hatch, bumper , doors,front fenders.Did I mention David is a mad man.  He is just tearing into things, getting them done one after another. He took a week off work to come down and help out.  Without his help we would be very far behind.  He is dedicated to helping, and we really appreciate it.
Aerocatches. Rivets not installed yet.

Racepack is in. Have to install the sensors and power to it. CIMG8193
Intercooler radiator bracketCIMG8201
Dave installing the TRD brake calipersCIMG8210
Mounting up the power steering cooler and the engine oil cooler. CIMG8212
Fire system and weight.  Be safe, and add the weight where you want it, not where it is in the car. CIMG8214

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